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Mesh Wifi Router Network for a Small Village

I was wondering if its possible to create mesh network of WiFi for relatively large area? I am talking about the size of small village (~20km2). The idea is to use centralized connectivity with enough ...
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Stuck on 5Ghz WiFi antenna and reach problem

I am trying to use outdoor antenna for my indoors modem. I used an stick antenna for first slot with 3 meters cord and 3 meters extension. I used omnidirectional antenna for second slot with same cord ...
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How to test a Wi-Fi device

Usually, when testing a communication protocol, (for example emotion tests for TUV or CE) I use a test setup suggested by the standard organization. I am looking for a similar test procedure for ...
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Can one connect Starlink router with the Mesh via ethernet cable?

I know that with the Starlink ethernet adapter one can connect to the router or mesh with the ethernet cable. My question is: is it possible to connect Starlink router with the Starlink mesh via ...
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Can I use WiFi to receive video/audio sign and mobile data to connect to the internet at the same time?

I have a question about an IoT device. Can I connect my IoT device to a mobile phone using WIFI and then connect the mobile phone with the internet through 4G mobile data? My IoT device will send ...
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