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water leak through subterranean cable penetrations in concrete

See the image below for the detail of 4 no. cable ducts that run from a trench in a raft foundation (on the left) through an approximately 1 m square penetration in the raft foundation, through soil (...
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I want to test non woven fabrics to see if they are polypropylene, the lining material of N95 masks

A group of us are sewing face masks to prevent the spread of sputum. I've learned that the lining of an N95 mask is made of polypropylene. Polypropylene is also a common interfacing product for ...
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Is there any software for testing cad model waterproofing and isolation?

I have a cad model of a plastic box that is made of two parts. Two parts are connected with resin isolation. I want to test if my part is at least in theory ip86 water-resistant. So is there any ...
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In the Panama Canal, how are the lock gates kept water-tight (at the hinges, middle, and bottom)?

The Panama Canal has these huge gates. They close so the locks can be flooded or drained. They're swing gates, so 3 questions come to mind: How are they water-tight at the hinges? How are they water-...
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How to lay stretch film around a frame so that it can hold water without leaks?

In order to store rain water and use it for the garden I need to build a 1000L water tank with custom dimensions (0,70m x 0,84m x 1,50m) made out of stretch film. So far I am experimenting with a ...
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watches: screw-down crown, gaskets, and what else?

I recently learned that some watches have a "screw-down crown", which to my understanding is made with a threaded crown stem that tightens into a threaded watch case. This seems ...
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Waterlogged multistorey apartment

I fraction invested in a real estate project several years back. Mid way through the construction, after about 12 floors, the building contractor filed for bankruptcy. An asset reconstruction company ...
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Brainstorming ways to water seal a submarine with a protruding instrument?

I am currently working on a submarine that has a flat face at one end made of 1/2" acrylic. Currently, there is a 12mm glass sensor that protrudes through a hole in the acrylic face and I am ...
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IP grade for specific plastic case

I´m designing an access control device and I need to place it in a plastic case so it can be easily installed on a wall, for example. Also, the PCB will have a special coating for humidity protection. ...
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