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Why can't we dispose of plastic waste in decommissioned oil wells?

As a non-expert, abandoned oil wells appear to me to be perfect solution for ever growing amount of plastic waste we are generating every year. These underground pockets held crude oil for millions of ...
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Question about nuclear wastewater treatment and disposal

This might be a stupid question, I'm not an engineer, and not really sure where to begin to research this. I tried Google but of course it's all biased toward news articles about Japan. So let's start ...
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What happens to sewage if there is no river near by?

I know that in places where there are convenient rivers and streams the tendency is to dump the communities sewage into those waterways so that it is carried away. But what about places where there ...
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Hazardous waste packaging

I'd like to ask an environemental question which has to do with waste packaging and the EU regulations that enclosure this subject I'd like to package loads of different hazardous wastes in ...
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Efficient processing waste water with pigments and dyes to reduce cost

Although ink waste (mixed colors of different inks for printing) is 90% water, separating the inks appears to be problematic. We have tried membranes, RO, electrolysis, boiling, and solidifying with ...
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Is it better to throw used domestic cooking oil in toilet or within the garbage? [closed]

I recently asked a friend how I should recycle my used deep frying oil because I just don't have enough oil to justify taking my car, drive 20 minutes away to the waste collection site for few liters ...
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Biological process in wastewater treatment

Biological process is the secondary stage in most of wastewater treatment plant. Is there any wastewater treatment plant without undergoing biological process?
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multiplying up human compression power! [closed]

I need help figuring out the most efficient way (NOT electronically) to manually compress plastic in a small confined space. I was thinking there were small compression shocks that would help to ...
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Disposal of dung, related products, and cleaning products, prioritized and case by case [closed]

This question is a chemical engineering question related to ecology. What is the list of possible threats of human feces to the environment? What about toilet paper? How do engineers deal with this ...
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Is making a toilet flush backwards problematic? [closed]

The Coriolis effect impacts the way water tends to circle before going down the drain. Many (most, all?) toilets are designed to work with the Coriolis effect. I am considering a line of toilets ...
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Why don't massive industrial shredders shred themselves?

With the huge metal shredders that can shred an entire car or a bus, they can shred parts like the axle and engine which are large solid chunks of metal, just like the massive spinning shredder blades....
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