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Confusion regarding SI units of K (stiffnes)

I know that stiffness, K is equal to product of moment of inertia and square of natural frequency K = Jωn2 Where K = stifness, J = moment of inertia and ωn = natural frequency SI unit of J is kg m2, ...
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Did the pressure unit "bar" change definitions since the 1930s?

I don't see anything in Wikipedia about it, but (from this question) when I try to reproduce the equations in this 1933 paper, I get values 106 away from the values in the paper. When I reproduce ...
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Unit conversion error - Darcy Radius of Well Influence Equation

I'm having a little trouble. I'm trying to convert the answer from imperial to metric but can't seem to get the answer to match. I am using the formula attached (Darcy Radius of Well Influence ...
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General Units question

so let’s say I worked out a quantity that turned out to be unit less but to work it out I used pounds (lb) and feet (ft) and the units cancelled out But then I used this unit less number later in ...
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