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What does the author mean? Turbomachinery - Reaction

I am reading a book of Fundamental Energy Systems. The author describes the rate of change in head for a turbomachine as: $$ \frac{1}{2}[(V_1^2-V_2^2)+(U_1^2-U_2^2)+(V_{R2}^2-V_{R1}^2)] = H =U_1V_{u1} ...
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Accounting for pressure energy in Euler turbine/pump equation

For all the analysis to find work done by a compressor or work done on a turbine, the book I'm reading (Fundamentals of Turbomachinery by Venkanna B.K) uses the Euler turbine and pump equation, $$W=\...
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Relation between Inlet and Outlet mass flow rate for a turbocharger?

For the compressor maps for automotive turbochargers, the Corrected mass flow rate (at inlet) is given as abscissa. However, I wish to know the mass flow rate at the outlet. What is the relation in ...
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How do Cogs and belts work? / Cogs and belts in an ICAS exam

Does the left red wheel turn in the same direction as the leftmost orange wheel?If so P and S go up? If not, Q and S go up? My reasoning: If so Leftmost orange cc Left red cc (by assumption) ...
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