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Aluminum tube deflection

We're designing a new start bar for the Harris Hill Ski Jump in Brattleboro, VT. It's the bar the jumper slides out to sit on as he/she awaits the okay to go. Will the tube specs below be sufficient ...
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Split tubing assembly

I am designing a tubing (TPE) assembly that splits a single inlet line into either four or eight outlet lines. The goal is to achieve an approximately equal flow rate of mildly viscous liquid at each ...
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Aluminum Tubing Weight Bearing Capabilites

I was just inquiring about the weight bearing capability of round aluminum tubing for use as a bench,seat, or chair. Similar to the aluminum seats used in doctors' offices and in hospitals. I see that ...
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How to rescrew a pull up bar

Is there a way to fix a pull up bar when the tip screwed right off and won't screw on again? The thread hole hits the screw (detail) and just clunks there, spinning round and round without latching.
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