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Lubricants for dissimilar metals

We are trying to maintain a Grubb telescope built in 1875. We think that the bearing surfaces are either brass to brass or brass to cast iron. Can anyone help with types of lubricants that could be ...
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Gears Lubrication and Cooling

1-Is there any lubrication mode other than boundary lubrication and EHL which may be applied in the design of the power transmission system? 2-Which type of technologies have been used traditionally ...
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Determining bearing pressure between mating convex and concave conical surfaces?

(In the illustration above, the "Collet" piece in the middle is a bushing) I'm designing an axial linkage of sorts, and I'm having trouble finding resources, theorems, or guidelines for ...
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Terminology for engine life reduction due to late oil changes

This is a question for engineers working in diesel engine design or tribology. I am doing up an analytics dashboard for my father who analyses oil samples of heavy mining equipment. The diesel fitters ...
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Entrainment Speed in Ball Bearing

Assuming no slip between the inner race and the outer race of a ball bearing, what is the entrainment speed between the balls and the inner race? The inner race is rotating at $\omega_i$ and the outer ...
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equivalent Hertzian contact pair for arbitrarily shaped bodies in 2D [closed]

I am a bit new to this field here. I am trying to determine the contact stress between two arbitrarily shaped bodies that are indenting into each other (see attached image). I would like to solve ...
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Does the the field of tribology include the study of adhesives?

Does the field of Tribology include the study of adhesives in addition to the study of lubricants?
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Approach to solve a frictional problem?

I am having a bar and surface (made of aluminum). I need to attach some material to the end of the bar so that, if I apply any force (25 N-sideways) to bar it has to stick with the surface. Force ...
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Power needed to accelerate metal powder through two spinning wheels

I have a wheel which has a radius of 0.1m that needs to spin at 10000RPM. The outer surface of this wheel is pressed up against another free spinning wheel like a football or tennis ball launcher. I ...
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Significance of the Sommerfeld number

The Sommerfeld number can be written as $$ S = \frac{6 \ \mu \ U \ b}{p \ c^2} $$ where U: Velocity b: Width p: Pressure c: Minimal Clearing $\mu$: Absolute Viscosity As far as I'm aware, it may ...
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What makes crosshead bearings hard to lubricate?

Regarding crosshead bearing failure, I have read that at slow speed it is difficult to establish a lubricating film because there is an imbalance between forces due to combustion and forces due to ...
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What's the name of the white lubricant that children's toys often use?

When I was little I would often take apart my toys and found that if they contained any gears or motors they'd always be coated in a white lubricant. What is this substance?
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Applications with combination of high friction and low wear?

What would be some common applications involving high friction and low wear rates? for example, gear-driven mechanisms which require high friction between the gear teeth but ideally low wear between ...
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Is there any material that has a higher kinetic friction than static friction?

Is there a material that has higher kinetic friction than static friction? You can assume it's sliding on any surface you want. Better if you come up with one that has this property on a standard ...
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Which lubricant (oil or not) to use if I want to prevent sticky/gummy buildup?

I am currently tinkering with typewriters and two things striked me when I started to read about their maintenance: They are supposed to run almost completely dry, except for a very tiny amount of ...
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What causes friction in magnetic bearings?

Magnetic bearings work by levitating a rotating shaft so that it is not in contact with its supports. This greatly reduces the friction of the system. In all of the literature that I have seen on ...
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