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Are tires of a soprts car small in size for low ground clearance? [closed]

since the ground clearance of a sports car is low. Do we use small tires for them?
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How do train tracks handle really cold weather?

First of all, I'm interested in train track only, not the rolling stock. How are tracks built to cope with really cold weather? An example might be some place in Canada or Siberia. Ice would ...
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Why are flyovers/metro rail tracks much higher than traffic?

To pick a specific example, a flyover that goes over a ground-level road/rail need only be as tall so that the tallest vehicle travelling in the outermost lane can clear it. Or another, an elevated ...
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How does the pressurized suspension of the Hyperloop not affect the tube pressure?

So one of the proposed suspension systems that will be used on the hyperloop include the externally pressurized air cushions. These cushions lift (or at least help lift) the capsule and reduce drag ...
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Why does public transport uses compressed air to open doors instead of electromotors?

System with compressed air seems more expensive and harder to build and integrate neither using simple electromagnetic drives to open public transport doors.
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What is required to implement Positive Train Control on railroads in the US?

Background On May 12, 2015, an Amtrak train derailed in Philadelphia, PA, killing 8 and injuring 200 people. I saw a story on the incident where multiple NTSB spokespeople have said at this and other ...
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How many train passes can railway tracks endure?

I know that the rubber on car and truck tires wear, and the road concrete wears out. I wondered: While steel is hard and elastic, it still causes friction (interaction between molecules) and ...
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Which component of vehicle tailpipe emissions has the greatest social cost?

Emissions Emissions from vehicles have an associated social cost for everyone. We hear a lot about CO2, but CO2 is not the only thing that comes out of a tailpipe. From Wikipedia, emissions ...
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How are maximum speed limits determined for banked curves?

I was once told that the speed limits on banked highway curves (specifically off-ramps) were determined by assuming zero friction between the car and the road, such that as long as you stayed on the ...
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Could magnetic levitation transportation systems become a commonplace technology?

Magnetic levitation systems of transportation such as trains seem to be commonplace in early 2000's science fiction, and while some systems exist currently, they aren't exactly common. It seems to me ...
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