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Questions tagged [transfer-function]

The transfer G(s) = X(s) / W(s) function describes the relationship between an input signal X(s) and an output signal W(s).

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1 answer

Modelling of Ball and Beam System

I'm trying to model a basic ball and beam system using Euler-Lagrange Equation. My system looks something like this I have come up with this final Euler-Lagrange Equation: Where JB is the ball's ...
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2 answers

Unexpected Results from my Transfer Function

I have a system that can be modeled with the following picture: There is a mass $m$ connected to a spring $k$ and a dashpot $d$. These are both connected to another dashpot $c$. A force $F(t)$ is ...
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mass calculation from transfer function or bodeplot

I have a double mass rotary model. The two masses are connected by an axis which together acts as a spring damper system of the fourth order. The system is actuated by a motor and the angle of ...
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5 votes
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System Identification 1-d altitude control

One dimensional altitude control of a hovercraft. The model's dynamic equations that I came up with are, I treat the hover craft as a rigid particle and my goal is to have it hover at or reach a ...
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Getting the damping ratio from a frequency response function v.s. transfer function

I'm trying to find the damping values of a specimen, based on sweeping the forcing frequency from 0-10 kHz. As shown in the diagram, I measure the input force from the shaker, and the subsequent ...
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PI controller for second order system

I have a second order system and I need to control it using a PI controller. I need to tune the gains of the controller in order for the system to satisfy the below specifications: $$ OS\% < 10\% \...
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How can I get final value of $V_{out}$ at $t=∞$ in RC circuit?

I can obtain the transfer function in this RC circuit. $$ \frac{V_{out}}{V_{in}} = \frac{1}{(RCs+1)} $$ When $V_{in}$ is set to $10V$, how can I get final value of $V_{out}$ at $t=∞$? I tried to use ...
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Transfer Function

Hi Guys I am trying to evaluate the following transfer function below can anyone verify if this is correct $$e_i = -d_{r,i} + d_i $$ $$d_i = q_{i-1}-q_i$$ $$d_{r,i} =H_iq_i$$ $$Therefore, e_i = -...
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