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How to mount timing pulleys/belts for small DIY project

I'm building a rotating lamp for a small DIY project to learn about motors and timing belts/pulleys. As I am learning, finding parts that are small enough, fit a stepper motor shaft and reasonable ...
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How to estimate the time cost of interrupting a task and picking it up again later

In terms of personal productivity (single machine scheduling) when a task is interrupted before being done in order to switch to a different task, it incurres a 'tear down' time cost - putting tools, ...
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How did Al-jazary's "castle clock" work?

My question is what are the ideas behind the complicated historical water clocks. According to wikipedia, modern versions of the historical water clock rely on the principle of the syphon. So I ask ...
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Exceed 'designed' speed ratio of timing belt

I'm trying to create a setup to transfer motion from a motor to a shaft that requires a much higher torque (bi-directional). The housing is about 6 inches long and the speed ratio needed will be ...
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How to design a gear escapement like in an old pendulum clock?

I've already got a gear that has its teets as in the picture: I want to create the mechanism from the picture, but it's harder than I expected. I think my gear is not the problem. But I'm not able to ...
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Timing belt transmission with lateral pulley movement

What is the correct way to allow for lateral movement of a timing pulley in a transmission system? For example, there are four pulleys, one of which has to move up and down. Is there standard ...
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2 answers

How do rotate a picture on a wall once every 24 hours?

I have a picture with various day and night scenes that I would like to hang on a wall and have automatically and uniformly rotated once every 24 hours. The picture is roughly 55cm in diameter, 2cm ...
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XL timing belt missing Dimension!

I'm trying to design and 3d print a XL pulley. I think there is a missing dimension that I can't find in the spec tables. we've got pitch circle, teeth height, belt thickness... but I can't find ...
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air resistor decreasing resistance over fixed time

Imagine I'm breathing through a wide straw/tube in my mouth. At the far end of the straw is a resistance mechanism. I want it to be that as I exhale there is no resistance, but as soon as I start to ...
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Is there a device like this? [closed]

I would like to get my hands on a mechanically-set timer (wind up is fine, so that it's self-powered) which sends a small electrical pulse to a mag-lock once the timer goes off, thus causing the mag-...
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High torque timing belt

I'm building an automatic litter box for my kitty and I tried building two versions using a GT2 timing belt + pulley but the belt seems to slip from the pulley often (since it requires high torque) ...
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Understanding a Variable Lift Valve Train Patent

So my father has this patent, and I'm not entirely sure how a certain aspect of it is supposed to be working. I understand how it can be useful, but I don't understand how such a seemingly simple ...
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