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In a thin-walled cylinder, what exactly is Hoop Stress vs Radial Stress?

If I have a thin-walled and not very stiff cylinder, such as a rubber-band, and I put it between two pins and pull it apart radially, is the force required considered the hoop force or radial force? ...
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Why are these food stretch films (LLDPE) holding one one-thousandth of the weight in reality than what is expected from the datasheet values?

I am trying to reproduce analytically the results found in this experiment where a weight of 3 x 5 lbs (6,8 kgs total) breaks the cling wrap (LLDPE) which is stretched over a medium size cooking pot. ...
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Non-Dimensionalizing Navier-Stokes equation to derive the Thin-Film Equation

I want to start with the general Navier-Stokes equation in 3-D: $$ \frac{\partial \vec{u}}{\partial t} + (\vec{u}\cdot\nabla)\vec{u}=-\frac{1}{\rho}\nabla p+\frac{\mu}{\rho}\nabla^2\vec{u}+g\sin{\...
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"bubbles" forming after heating my Thin film transistors

I am fabricating Bottom gate Thin-film-Transistors. The Gate is 60nm Molibdenum. The dielectric structure changes with the table below. The temperature represent the annealing temperature after ...
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What is a common polarizing 50/50 beam splitter cube coating

I am having problems locating references of the typical thickness and material of the coating along the hypotenuse side of 50/50 polarizing beam splitter cube. Does anyone know what these coatings ...
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Improving PMMA adhesion on Gallium Arsenide wafer pieces

Firstly, I'm unsure about the scope of this stack, but let's try. I'm doing electron beam lithography on semi-insulating GaAs wafer pieces. And I have a hard time getting the PMMA to stick onto the ...
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Cutting silicon samples with plastic thin films

I'm measuring thicknesses of ~15 $\mu$m nickel thin films electroplated on a silicon substrate. I only have access to a SEM for this task. I need to cut the samples to get a side view of the film. ...
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