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Can Peltier Modules be practically used to cool a room?

I am thinking of building a indirect Peltier AC to cool a room of approx size 30m3. Single/multiple Peltier modules will be used to cool a insulated box with water inside. The box will be kept outside ...
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2 answers

Do all thermoelectric generators (TEG) require two distinct metals?

Most thermocouples that I've seen being sold online consist of two separate metal wires connected at junctions. Many smaller thermoelectric generators consist of a combination of iron and copper or ...
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Does a Peltier device conduct heat when turned off?

If I put a Peltier device between a heat source and a heat sink (Peltier turned off), How well will it conduct heat? as opposed to lets say a copper block? Thank you
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Can Peltier Modules be used as an Air Conditioner? [duplicate]

Air Conditioners are very expensive so I'm planning to build a split type air conditioner using Peltier modules for my sealed room that is 6.5 length, 7 feet height, and 5.6 wide. I plan to use nine ...
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Could the analogical input and output of the minijack on smartphones be used to mesure temperature via a type K thermocouple?

I'm an advanced industrial engineering student and I'm currently looking for some "final project" material. I have this idea of a product where you can plug in a type K thermocouple at the ...
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Why are thermocouples documented by couple type (or by pair) and not by material (single) and compatibility

I just found out on Wikipedia (also here and there) that the voltage in a thermocouple in not generated by the both the cold & hot junction, but by the temperature gradient in the wires which ...
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What's the difference between thermocouple grade and extension grade wire?

We got a bunch of yellow thermocouple wire which the Omega web site says is type K extension grade wire. They also sell thermocouple grade wire which looks to be brown. What's the difference? I ...
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Improving thermocouple response

I want to monitor temperatures in a DIY coffee roaster. Heat source is nichrome wire, and the beans are tumbled (6 rpm) in a stainless steel mesh cylinder that is 12" long and 4" diameter. ...
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Thermocouple Values Fluctuating

I am trying to measure the surface temperature of a cold plate using K-Type thermocouples. However, the temperature reading on the scope is fluctuating tremendously. IGBTs are attached on the cold ...
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