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Tensiometer Equations

I'm developing a concept for measuring fiberglass strand tension. The basic concept of the machine is that we tension the strands first, and then we measure the tension. In the part where we measure ...
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Steel cable trolley, best practices and weight limits

I asked "AI" to confirm metrics from other sources and it gave numerous formulas and dubious answers, none of which inspired confidence. The goal is to set up a cable system to transport a ...
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What does it mean for an item's tensile strength to be "rated"?

I found a 40ft. length of rope for sale at the dollar store. Not having high expectations to start with, I examined the packaging closer out of curiosity. The front of the label states that the rope ...
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Tensile Strength of Shear Strength for a fully supported member

I have an extrusion that is fully supported and will bear a wheel load. Considering its fully supported, should I utilize the shear flow equation to assess it against factors such as tensile strength ...
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Tension and Shear on L-Bracket Offset From Wall

I’m planning to mount a mantle on a brick fireplace wall using two iron L-brackets that are 5” wide and 1/4” thick. Each bracket has four 5/16” mounting holes…two at the top and two at the bottom. The ...
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What Tension Force will make the bolt to pull out of the nut?

I know how to calculate the bolt capacity for tension and shear, also how to check bolt bearing against different elelment such as steel or aluminum. There is a hanging bolt by which a bar is hanging ...
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How to connect / branch two metal wire cables at 90degree angle

I have a 1mm thick wire cable that's 200cm long. Using the same cable, at 10cm intervals, I have to branch / tee off at 90degree angles. Some sort of tee crimp / ferrule comes to mind as a last report,...
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Bolt tensile load through an "intermediary"?

Following up on this question, does it change anything if the bolted arm is an intermediate arm (e.g. some sort of mating interface like below)? That is, the arm receiving the load is connected to the ...
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Maximum tensile and shear loads on screw

I'm using a screw in an application where I want to have a high degree of confidence the screw will not fail, and I want to be sure I'm calculating the maximum tensile and shear loads it can sustain ...
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How to solve statically indeterminate pulley?

I am working on a wire rope pulley at rest, shown below. The wire rope wraps once around the pulley (180°) and has tension T. The pulley axle is on a sliding track that is up against its hard stop, ...
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