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Manufacture of High Temperature Superconductor Circuit Trace

How would you go about making circuit traces out of high temperature superconductor (HTS)? Low temp superconductor traces have been made with pure tin, lead-tin, etc. But those materials are much ...
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When a permanent magnet is quantum locked above a superconductor and is spinning what variables/calculations dictate how fast it spins?

Basically, I want to know whether it’s the size of the permanent magnet, a.k.a. the strength of the permanent magnets, magnetic field, or the super conductor that decides how fast it will spin whether ...
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How widely used are "classic" high-Tc superconductors?

Are there good examples of the "high temperature" superconductors developed since the late 80s being used commercially? These only work at temperatures that are high relative to liquid ...
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Calculating Anisotropic Thermal Conductivity for two Materials

I've been working with SC magnet quench simulations. The conductor is made from NbTi in a Cu channel with a 5:1 ratio of Cu:NbTi. Opera3d has a quench program with an example that I began working from....
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Ratio between heat transfer coefficient and thermal conductivity

Consider the Robin boundary condition for the diffusion/heat equation $\mathrm{u_t=a(t)u_{xx}+f(x,t)}$: $$\mathrm{-k(t)u_x(0,t)=h(t)u(0,t)}$$ or $$\mathrm{u_x(0,t)+\frac{h(t)}{k(t)}u(0,t)=0}$$ ...
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Do liquid hydrogen-based cooling devices exist and what are they used for?

Liquid hydrogen cooling could be some intermediate solution between helium and liquid nitrogen based cooling. For example, some type of superconductors could be cooled by liquid H2, and this could be ...
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