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Why is the point of failure load lower than the peak load? [closed]

In a tensile test the peak load was 69kN, but the point of failure load was 60kN. Why is it lower?
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Why do we even use engineering stress?

Surprisingly this hasn't been asked before, so I must be missing something simple. We use engineering stress and engineering strain in this eq. Stress = (Young's modulus) × (strain). This eq. is ...
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Interpretation of shear flow/shear center of L-profile

I have calculated the shear flows and center of an L shaped profile. I assume they are correctly calculated (I followed the same steps as during the lectures for an I shaped profile). However, I have ...
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Why do stress concentrations really occur?

From doing some research I've learned that internal stresses inside an object can "concentrate" on sharp edges, as shown in the above picture. For that reason we often make fillets so that the change ...
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Why is the Stress vs strain diagram preferable to the Load vs displacement diagram?

I’m really unsure what is the difference between stress vs. strain and load vs displacement graphs and why stress-strain is better. I know that the units are different: stress is in MPa and the load ...
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How exactly do forces transfer in different directions?

If we imagine the load being placed at the top of the below triangle, I realise that the downwards force is transferred into one which goes in a 'south east' and 'south west' direction down to the end ...
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Principal Planes and Principal Stresses

Consider that a state of plane stress exists at a point and the stresses acting on an element taken at that point are given as, The normal stress acting at any plane of this element inclined at an ...
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23 votes
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Why exactly does a washer help distribute the stress around a bolt?

Usually the reason for having a washer under a bolt head is stated to be that it helps to evenly distribute the stress to the clamped material surface. But why is this? I would understand if the ...
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4 answers

Calculating maximum internal pressure from maximum rated external pressure?

Is there a calculation / rule of thumb that can determine a containers rough maximum negative pressure (vacuum) from it's rated internal pressure (assuming a single layer construction so there is no ...
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2 answers

Properties of an hexagonal shape vs round tube shape

In a bike frame build, are there any differences between hexagonal cross-section tube instead of the typical round tubes? Assuming that both are made from the same aluminium alloy and have the same ...
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What's the difference between critical load and yield stress, and failure in general?

So far, I have learned of three quantities that are related to the failure of a beam (axial and longitudinal loads). The first illustrates the stress under which balsa wood will undergo plastic ...
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What is the difference between tau = VQ/It and tau = V/A?

What is the difference between the formulas $\tau = VQ/It$ and $\tau = V/A$ for finding shear stress due to transverse loading? I understand that the use of first moment of area, is the only reason ...
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2 votes
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How to calculate residual strength of a corroded structure from their stress values?

Currently, I have an actual entire corroded bridge model in the FEM analysis in Abaqus I want to estimate the residual strength of this bridge due to corrosion from the output results in the Abaqus, I ...
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Shear Stress Formula

Could anyone tell me what the variables in this formula are? $$\tau=\frac{S\;a\; \bar{v}}{I\; t}$$ I believe it is used for shear stress and that $I$ is moment of inertia but unsure on the other ...
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How to measure strength of stretch film on a mock up

Let's say I have an iron cube of 1 cubic meter and I want to make an aquarium out of it. To hold water I want to wind stretch plastic film around the walls of that experimental aquarium. Let's assume ...
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How to calculate external pressure resistance in spheres and cylinders?

Although I have seen a lot of literature online about how internal pressure resistance is calculated (i.e the pressure in a gas tank) I haven't found anything about the opposite scenario (i.e the ...
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Thick walled cylinder theory - Stress/strain in ballooned out tube

I want to work out how much I can expand a piece of rubber tubing before it ruptures. The wall is 0.75mm and the ID 5mm. Hence I am working out the stress/strain from thick-walled cylinder theory ...
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