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Questions tagged [solid-mechanics]

Solid mechanics deals with the solid bodies subjected to various type of loading and internal forces generated due to this loading.

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Should we use Hooke's Law (that linearly relates stresses to strains) if the stiffness of body is changing during deformation?

Assume I have a slender cantilever beam, fixed at one end and force applied on the other. Now, during the deformation, we know that the beam's stiffness is going to change and the force-displacement ...
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2 votes
3 answers

Difference between Stiffness (K) and Modulus of Elasticity (E)?

Stiffness (F=Kx) is the extent to which an object resists deformation in response to an applied force. Elastic Modulus (E=Stress/Strain) is a quantity that measures an object or substance's resistance ...
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Determine the range of τxz values for which the maximum tangential stress is less than or equal to 60 MPa

Consider the state of tension indicated in the Figure. Determine the range of τxz values for which the maximum tangential stress is less than or equal to 60 MPa. I did σ(med)=(60+0)/2 = 30 To find ...
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When calculating the deformed radius of a pressurized thick-walled cylinder, why is the hoop strain used rather than the radial strain?

The context I’ve taken an interest in the design of pressure vessels for use in submarine applications. From a cursory survey of what is used in industry, it seems the de facto standard housing is a ...
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Is there a way to solve this complex statics problem algebraically?

This problem can be solve in 2 ways either I solve it with vectors which would be relatively painful and more time consuming and the other faster way is algebraically but I faced a problem when trying ...
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Buckling in Columns

The following images are taken from Mechanics of Materials, Ferdinard Beer et al. 6th ed (2012) Just wondering that why the effective length of the column is taken 0.7 L (highlighted in the sample ...
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Spherical Parallel Manipulator in SolidWorks

I need a little help with SolidWorks. I need to assemble such a mechanism, which I am currently working on. But I get a rather complicated and cumbersome algorithm: First, I build a "wireframe&...
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