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Is copper wool (rather than traditional brass wool) good for cleaning heavy black oxidation off soldering tip?

Preliminary Assumptions: Metal hardness matters: I am assuming metal hardness matters when it comes to cleaning soldering tips with metal wool. Chrome tip quality and material: I am assuming (good ...
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Easy-to-clean Flux for soldering vacuum seals

If using solder to seal high and medium vacuum fittings made of brass, bronze, or stainless, are there any types of flux that are easier to clean than others to prevent vacuum contamination? I am only ...
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1 answer

How to solder the stainless steel rods

How can we solder two stainless steel rods material- Stainless steel 304 or SS316 OD-6mm ID-1.6mm Depth-4mm Or there is any other better option to join these two parts?
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Longer lasting soldering tips

I'm a real thrifty guy, so seeing my soldering tip with months of use on them starting to crack & peel, the layer I take to be nickel cladding, disheartens me. Again, this is planned obsolescence ...
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Securing Removable "Clocked" Handrail Knobs

I am in the process of machining and assembling a smokebox for a model train. The smokebox in question is approximately 35mmx35mmx22mm. There are a series of handrail knobs and rails that are to be ...
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2 votes
3 answers

Soldering in vice - Avoiding Heat Sink

I have a job where I need to solder a brass tube at a precision 90 degree perpendicular angle to a piece of round stock. My current idea was to use a spring loaded center to hold the tube upright at a ...
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