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1 answer

How to solder the stainless steel rods

How can we solder two stainless steel rods material- Stainless steel 304 or SS316 OD-6mm ID-1.6mm Depth-4mm Or there is any other better option to join these two parts?
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1 answer

Longer lasting soldering tips

I'm a real thrifty guy, so seeing my soldering tip with months of use on them starting to crack & peel, the layer I take to be nickel cladding, disheartens me. Again, this is planned obsolescence ...
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0 answers

Securing Removable "Clocked" Handrail Knobs

I am in the process of machining and assembling a smokebox for a model train. The smokebox in question is approximately 35mmx35mmx22mm. There are a series of handrail knobs and rails that are to be ...
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2 votes
3 answers

Soldering in vice - Avoiding Heat Sink

I have a job where I need to solder a brass tube at a precision 90 degree perpendicular angle to a piece of round stock. My current idea was to use a spring loaded center to hold the tube upright at a ...
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