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What are the consequences of molten salt oxidizing (solar thermal)?

What are the consequences to a solar thermal plant if its molten salt oxidizes? There are many mixtures of different salts used in solar thermal plants, which use the salt to store energy (in the form ...
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Are two solars panels more efficient than only one of twice the power output?

Is there any advantage to use two 50 W solar panels in parallels instead of one 100 W panel? As we know, the effect of partial shadow on a solar panel can make the whole panel ineffective. We want to ...
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Pump capacity calculation

I have a borewell dug in my farm and the depth of the borewell is around 195 feet. I have applied for a Solar pump subsidy and I am about to get the equipment with following details: 4.7kW solar ...
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Solar panel locaiton with plex-earth and virtocad

I need to use Plex-Earth and VirtoCad to solve a solar panel positioning problem. I am on BricsCad. I have a kml for a boundary area. How can I, using these softwares, get the following groudn mount ...
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What is the efficiency of Solar energy run turbines? Are they better or worse than Solar PV cells?

The Solar PV cell has an efficiency of 25-40%. Now steam turbines run by coal or some other fuel have an efficiency of approximately 60-80% What is the efficiency of steam turbines run by Solar energy?...
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Can I be mostly dependent on solar and batteries? [closed]

Plan A: Ask your neighbors to give you permission to install solar panels on their roofs (ofcourse you can manipulate them into saying yes by giving them money once off ) So Ask your neighbors to give ...
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Can we create electricity through an hourglass?

So imagine this, an hourglass that is the size of a two storey house in height but is wide as an average sedan car that can trickle sand for 5 hours, and at the middle there's a gear which is turned ...
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Does a load on a charging solar system degrade the battery if the panels are producing more current than the load?

Let's say I have 1000 W worth of solar panels hooked to a 2 kWh battery system like the Anker 767. Let's also say that the panels are running at full clip and I have a 900 W load on the system. Does ...
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Would this large scale "bubble pump" actually work?

I have read about bubble pumps which work by heating water causing a phase change, the water passes through a one way valve and condenses thus pumping water. Would this work at a larger scale as in my ...
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Why isn't heatpump technology used for solar collector panels and boiler tanks?

All solar collector and boiler tank systems that I can find on the market use a liquid to circulate the heat between solar collector panels (or PVT panels) and boiler tanks. Is there a reason why they ...
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36V solar panel with a 12V battery, results in 12 watts a day?

So I bought a retired 175W solar panel 36.8V rated voltage, 4.9A rated amps. I hooked it up to a solar charge controller and a 12V battery. Normally the controller doesn't work cos the PV voltage is ...
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interior-mounted adhesive window films that reflect solar heat

Does a solar-heat-reflective film when adhered to the interior of a double-pane gas-filled skylight raise the temperature of the glass and, if so, does it increase it to such an extent that the glass ...
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A shape that focuses light from the widest range of incidence angles into a smaller area

I remember reading about devices which were roughly hyperboloid in shape that had the property of focusing light from a much wider range of incidence angles than a parabollic antenna. I think they ...
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Motor to rotate gear and hold place when powered down

I have an application where I need to rotate a solar panel on a moving cart around 2 axes. The solar panel is medium size (22x25in) and is only 50 watts. I plan to use an actuator to rotate the ...
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Best metal for solar energy collection in an evacuated tube solar water heater

I am building an evacuated tube array for a solar water heater and I am selecting the materials to use for the tubing and the collectors (the places connected to the tubing that help absorb the solar ...
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How large would a solar panel array need to be in order to supply all the world's energy?

This story from 2016 claims that all the world's energy needs could be supplied by covering 1% of the Sahara in solar PV panels. Was (is?) this true, and if not, how would you go about approximating ...
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Mirror specification used in Solar Fresnel Collector systems

Im designing a Linear Fresnel collector system, and wanted to know what type of mirrors would be suitable for use as the reflectors. Thickness, type, coating etc. I couldnt find a manufacturer of ''...
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Combining solar water heating with pellet stove water heater

I am looking to combine a pellet stove water heater with a solar water heater. First of all I wold like to apologise for the ugly drawing, though I think it represents my idea well enough. The whole ...
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What does TIR stand for in Window Pane Fenestration?

When looking at glazings within various public databases I see the fields "tir" shown often. E.g as seen below: ...
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What happens if you wire two solar panels in series and parallel at the same time?

Will anything bad happen? Or is it safe.
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What glue would be suitable for adhering a space blanket to Plywood?

I've been doing a hobby project, creating a parabolic solar reflector to heat up a pipe of flowing water. I did this by cutting a stack of parabolas with a CNC router and secured a thin piece of ...
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Joining the negative PV wires of 3 solar arrays for 3 MPPT controllers in an inverter?

My Inverter has 3 MPPT inputs. For some design simplifications (Involving ATS), i would like the three arrays to have separate PV+ but join the PV- wires together at a bus-bar and take the Inverter ...
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