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How to protect users from shock hazards from electric vehicle high voltage system?

I am in the design phase of an electric vehicle. I have realised that at one point, we will need to implement protective measures to safeguard the users from shock hazards of the high voltage system. ...
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What are the hypersonic Normal shock relationships?

I am learning about hypersonic flow now and there seems to be a lot of discussion about the oblique shock relationships as the Mach tends to be very large. I was wondering what happens to the normal ...
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Entropy in Euler equations for compressible flows

In compressible Euler equations, everyone knows the energy equation can be written as $$ \dfrac{Ds}{Dt} =0 $$ which implies the entropy is constant along the path line. However, we have shockwave as a ...
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Half Sine Impulse in a modal Transient Analysis

I have a MDOF FEM model in which I perform a modal transient analysis based on the modal eigenfrequencies extracted in a prior step. I wish to excite only the first natural frequency of the system via ...
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Determine shockwave location in Ansys Fluent

how can I find the shockwave location in Ansys fluent for an aerofoil please? I couldn’t see a shockwave location option in the plots but I’ve seen it being plotted in papers, so it must be possible?
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Replicating an impact impulse

I am building a test-rig for a device. I have operational data showing the device experiences impact loads resembling a half-sine pulse with width dt and magnitude F. The test rig's purpose is to ...
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