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Deflection of a cantilever beam composed of separate (not bonded) planks

In the case of a simple cantilever beam having a uniform shape and being loaded at its end - the calculation of the deflection at any point along the beam is well known. What happens if we split it ...
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4 answers

What is the difference between tau = VQ/It and tau = V/A?

What is the difference between the formulas $\tau = VQ/It$ and $\tau = V/A$ for finding shear stress due to transverse loading? I understand that the use of first moment of area, is the only reason ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Why torsional warping does not occur for shafts with circular symmetry?

When we twist a shaft/beam/rod, shearing stresses are produced. The angle by which the end of the shaft rotates can be found as: $${\displaystyle \theta ={\frac {TL}{GJ}}}$$ where $T$ is torque, $L$ ...
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Direction of shear in beam cross section - how to understand the convention

In an I-beam, the shear flow is usually shown drawn as on the left, not as drawn on the right. I do not understand why. I do understand: The total horizontal shear force must be zero, consistent with ...
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