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3" shaft high wear

A 3" drive shaft 27" long with keyway. Application 40 ft long mixing tank Limestone 40% mix with water RPM 60, temperature 70 °F - 200 °F Shaft supported by hard iron static bearing 1045-...
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Moment at the end of the shaft, after a bearing?

I have an application with an interchangeable load. That can be swapped in a machine. The bearing and break are both mounted to different sides of the same plate The load is placed on two shafts that ...
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Is there a way to 'switch OR engage/disengage' power between two different rotating shafts depending on a set RPM (wind speed)?

I'm a final year mechanical eng student, I'm working on designing a prototype of a 'Hybrid vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT)". This hybrid turbine consists of two types of VAWTs Savonius & ...
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Is there a special wrench used to remove this servo tachometer?

I tried using a pulley puller with moderate force to remove the tachometer but it didn’t seem so budge (although I didn’t use heat to soften potential adhesive inside). Looking at the shaft I can see ...
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