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Servo is a tag used when referring to servo motors, electric motors capable of being programmed to turn in a desired way

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Angular Velocity of motor shaft as function of Angular Position

I have a set of shafts that need to be rotated at a high frequency (~1000 RPM) but not at a constant speed. That is to say, the angular velocity of the shaft needs to be a periodic function of the ...
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Servo drive gear placement relative to the body

Is there a universal rule for servo drive gear placement? I'm planning to use this servo for a robotics project, but I need to know exactly where the drive gear is located relative to the body. The ...
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How to I design a planetary gear with a gear ratio of 2:1 ( doubling the torque) [closed]

Trying to design a 2:1 gear ratio planetary gear, and I'm not sure how to begin. In the past I've had luck using this site to create an illustrator file that I can extrude in Rhino. This does not ...
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How can I build a electronically controlled valve for a 1/4 inch tube

I'm looking for a practical efficient way to open and close a 1/4 inch gravity fed hose. Initially I was thinking of using a Solenoid, but can't find anything suitable. My second thought was using a ...
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