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What substances have the lowest dielectric strength (volts/meter)?

All the tables of dielectric strength I can find are lists of materials that engineers use as practical insulators, and air is usually the least insulating thing on the list. Where can I find a more ...
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So even though the raw materials of semiconductors are cheap why is their cost so high and why don't we use conductor for the same job?

The materials used in making semiconductor are cheap and readily available then does the cost of processors so high can't we use metals like copper and iron which very good conductor for manufacturing ...
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Why does metalization occur at the end of the semiconductor manufacturing process?

I recently completed a semiconductor fabrication lab for university and metioned that the metalization stage was performed at the end of the process in fab labs, unlike in teaching labs where it was ...
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How feasible is it to build a benchtop semiconductor protoyping fabrication set up?

This is generally quite a vague question as I'm new to the space but I've been thinking a lot about 1 off prototyping in the IC/semiconductor space and have been wondering about the feasibility of ...
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Can a semi-conductor cooler be powerful enough for a room? [duplicate]

I see semiconductors used for small fridges. I cannot find one large enough to cool a room (in place of a conventional Freon based, window air-conditioner). What engineering problems might a up scaled ...
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Problem with relationship between shunt resistance and grain boundaries in a solar cell [closed]

Here is the correct answer from another stack website. The higher shunt resistance means that higher the polycrystalline lattice irregularity and many grain boundaries. This means higher current ...
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Why do monocrystalline solar cells have rounded/cropped edges?

What is the meaning of this croped part? Why do they crop it, rather than let it be full square?
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P-N junction depletion region

Before I explain my problem I'd like to mention I'm still green and about 2 weeks into these topics. I learned most of it from youtube videos, wikipedia and other science sites, so I'll be explaining ...
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Why do transport containers for wafers open clockwise?

In the semiconductor industry and research, silicon wafers are transported in round plastic sample containers with a screw lid. Other than any other screw top though, the lid always opens (releases) ...
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Breakdown voltage of electronic devices

Diode and transistor have reverse breakdown voltage. Are these devices permanently destroyed under such voltage? Also, do these devices have breakdown voltage when AC voltage is applied? How much AC ...
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