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Confusion in deriving von Karman equation for strip rolling

In the derivation for von Karman equation for metal strip rolling, an infinitesimal element is chosen as shown in the picture above. The equilibrium equation for the element is as follows: Upon ...
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Pressure distribution on path area of a rolling rubber tire and its stress-strain diagram

A singular 2D circular rubber tire rolls with constant speed on solid plane non-deformable ground. How can one be able to qualitatively draw the pressure distribution made by the tire on the contact ...
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How to build a winning Pumpkin Derby racer?

At the large hotel where I work in the engineering department the big Halloween event is the annual Pumpkin Derby...and we've lost every year to the culinary department. It's embarrasing! This year, ...
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Is there a positive displacement pump that experiences only rolling resistance?

Is there a positive displacement pump that experiences only rolling resistance? One with no sliding friction and diaphragm stretching?
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Effects of rolling resistance on wheel angular and vehicle longitudinal speed

The differential equation for wheel speed can be given as: In here, $T_t$ is driving torque (not braking), $F_x$ is longitudinal force of tyre, $J_w$ is wheel inertia, $\dot{w}$ is angular speed of ...
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What's the purpose of trimming loops at ends of every coil?

Recently I visited the steel industry, I discover contract workers trimming loops of head and tail side of every coil: For 12mm rebar coils, they have to trim 8 loops at head and 3 loops at tail side....
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What's the purpose of spraying water on rebar coils but not on plain coils?

Recently, I visited industry where they produce steel coils (rebar + plain coils). At the end of the production process, I discover that rebar coils are getting sprayed by water: Whereas plain coils ...
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Why steel coils are called Wire rod?

From google, I got this meaning of Wire rod: Wire rod is a long steel semi-finished product manufactured by hot rolling billets on continuous rolling mills. Here is the stack of steel coils: Why ...
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How can I learn the standards(EN,ANSI,ISO) which is related to "roller hemming method in automotive industry"?

There is a method using in automotive industry which is called roller hemming. I have a project about this method but before beginning the project I need to learn the standards(EN,ANSI or ISO) which ...
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Can a rolling wheel create a side force without first rotating on a vertical axis at its contact patch? [closed]

There is something wrong with the way we describe how a cornering vehicle wheel creates a cornering force. I think a rolling wheel must first rotate on a vertical axis to then create the cornering ...
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In the rolling process, Why should the velocity of the strip at the entry before coming in contact with roller be lesser than the velocity of the roller?
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Why increasing the coefficient of friction results in evenly distributed load in rolling machines?

I'm designing a rolling machine for reduction of steel ingots of $5 mm$ to $1.96 mm$ thick. I can convince myself using equations why increasing the coefficient of friction (in case of lubrication ...
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