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For questions regarding the design of controllers which are aimed to achieve robustness and maintain the system stability under unexpected external disturbances.

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How to implement H-infinity controller in STM32 platform?

I used matlab to simulate some H infinity controllers, and I have some understanding of the related theory. But I don't know how to implement H-infinite controller on STM32 platform using C/C++ code. ...
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$\mathcal H_2$ norm for LTV system

Preliminary: Consider a stable, strictly causal discrete-time LTI system with state-space model $\left[\begin{array}{c|c} A & B\\ \hline C & \pmb{0} \end{array}\right]$. ...
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Additive perturbation

consider the following transfer functions: $$ G(s)=\frac{1}{\tau s+1}G_0 \quad \tau_{min}<\tau<\tau_{max} $$ show that this system equal to model with additive perturbation as follow $$ G(s)=...
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Robustness to Additive Uncertainty Proof using small gain theorem

I am trying to use the small-gain theorem to prove the robust stability condition for additive uncertainty. I have been stuck on it for a while now. Question: How can I use the small-gain theorem to ...
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Mixed Sensitivity Problem

I have plant, $$P(s) = \frac{1-s/5}{(s^2 + s/4 +1/4)}$$ I am taking a mixed sensitivity approach for that I have chosen $V$,$W_1$ and $W_2$ as follows: For bandwidth, $\omega$ =1 so I chose M as, $M = ...
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Low accuracy current feedback measurement in motor control

Given a very low accuracy current sensor in a 3 phase inverter (in my case used for motor control) what is the best way to tackle the issue and keep reasonable performance and robustness at the same ...
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How to obtain transfer function of control diagram with Internal Model Control?

I want to design a robust control system using the internal model design specifications. The block diagram is the one shown below: I am trying to obtain the transfer function $\ \frac{Y(s)}{R(s)} $ ...
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