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Questions about performing research in the field of engineering.

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Design? Or something else

When we develop a new technical device (after creating its general concept), we want to implement it. But before we implement it, we must design it. And for this we go through some stages (the list is ...
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What is this type of diagram called?

The context I was reading this article in Arxiv "The OpenPicoAmp : an open-source planar lipid bilayer amplifier for hands-on learning of neuroscience" (PDF available here) and found two ...
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What kind of low-cost equipment do I need to learn and experiment with RADAR at home?

I am interested in RADARs. However, I don't have enough time to go to school for studying RADARs. Therefore, I am thinking about self-study. What kind of low-cost equipment do I need to learn and ...
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Is sensor measurement uncertainty the same with its calibrator?

I'm trying to calibrate a proximity sensor A with another proximity sensor B. Say sensor B uncertainty is already known from the data sheet. However, for sensor A the uncertainty is nowhere to be ...
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Balance between technical and philosophical training [closed]

I'm interested in potentially studying engineering, specifically cybernetics and possibly robotics with machine learning or AI for assistive technology, probably with a focus on hygiene. Coming from ...
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Question about tensile test of model from research paper [closed]

In this paper they made a tensile force test on their four different models with four different pore size structure to show that pore size is not affecting on the tensile force. But it seems that they ...
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Evaluating a developed system by application of a case study

I am looking to the evaluation of a developed system to provide validity to my research. The system consists of manufacturing processes, procedures etc. and the plan is to implement the system at an ...
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Specifications of Tensile Test Specimen?

I am Currently Working on Measuring Various Mechanical Properties of Metalic Materials using Universal Testing Machine (UTM) at Various Temperatures. I know that for Testing at Ambient Conditions, ...
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Is there any other controller than PID Controller?

I have been given a Project to search for a controller having better transient response than PID Controller. I searched but I didn't find any research paper on it. All are talking about improving PID'...
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Where do I learn about jewel bearings?

I would like to take a deep dive into the world of jewel sourced watchmaking components (including, but not limited to, bearings) but I am having trouble finding any textbooks on the subject. Are ...
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Relationship between Heat Flux and Engine RPM

I'm doing a project that involves knowing the average steady-state heat dissipation rate of a single cylinder air-cooled engine (through the engine wall and fins) at a given RPM. The problem is that I ...
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Drinking Water Treatment R&D: Mechanical or Civil Engineering Degree? [closed]

I will be a freshman in University next year. After graduating, I would like to get a job in the R&D sector of drinking water treatment technologies. I'm unsure if I should get a degree in ME or ...
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What constitutes AGILITY where Behavior-Driven and Unit Testing are concerned [closed]

This morning I had a presentation on PHPSPec which the official website describes as follows: A php toolset to drive emergent design by specification. As defined within an adjective context the ...
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Iris mechanism nomenclature - need help to enable better search results

I'm researching iris mechanisms with the goal of building a functioning, weather-sealed door. I am learning much as I go along, but am faced with a challenge in nomenclature (I am not an engineer). I ...
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What is smallest distance you can reliably move an object?

I am trying to design a science experiment involving lasers and want to know if what I am planning to build it technically feasible. Part of the experiment requires that I make tiny nanometer changes ...
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What engineering research field is concerned with the mechanics of adhesion; more specifically, how objects behave in soil media such as sand?

I am interested in conducting a research project involving the design of a tool to aid astronauts to perform experiments on lunar surfaces, but I am having difficulties coming up with appropriate key ...
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How do I form a budget for a mechanical research project?

I'm a mechatronics engineering student currently on workplacement. I've put forward a research proposal to develop an improved mechanical gripper used for automated product handling. The company likes ...
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