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Rebar lap splice tail bend

Is it a thing to bend the tails of rebars in lap splice?
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Jointed reinforced concrete tie-bar smoothness

We know that in Jointed Reinforced Concrete pavements we use dowels and tie bars. Why are dowel bars Smooth and tie bars are deformed? Dowels are used to transfer about 40% of the load from one slab ...
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Shear Wall Boundary Element

When can I design a boundary element of a shear wall as a column? Is there a link to a solved example? Help please.
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Help! How to cement plaster outer wall. If gap between the two walls are 1 feet only?

[House Plan Image] My neighbor is not allowing us to wall plaster of the side outer wall.(Facing Neighbor side) How can I plaster the outer wall, which has a gap of 1 feet between our wall and ...
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Orthogonal to Orthoradial reinforcement

Most of finite element calculations are performed with an orthogonal mesh (Cartesian coordinate system). From this calculation, we get two values of required steel area per linear meter: $Ax, Ay$ ($cm^...
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Can a reinforced hose develop an internal restriction due to thermal expansion?

The type of hose involved is the thinnest one on the right in this picture. This hose contains an external rubber layer, a textile reinforcement layer, an inner rubber layer and a nylon lining. The ...
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Percentage area of steel for a retaining wall - standard formula doesn't make sense to me?

I'm looking at the usual UK/EU standards formula for the reinforcing steel area percentage, in a retaining wall. Essentially in "usual" cases it comes down to 0.13% of the cross-sectional area of Tw (...
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How to provide lateral support for adjacent masonry during installation of steel UC in an old cavity wall?

I've got a structural engineer ready to provide calcs on this job, but there is a specific aspect where I'd like a heads-up what the normal approach would be, before I raise it with him, in case he ...
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How to structurally bind bamboo stems for loads?

I would like to begin a case study in structural design using bamboo, which has currently become available to me. The design instance I would like to structurally copy is the Rogue RM-6 "Monster Rack" ...
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How could an MGA's frame/chassis best be improved?

As an assignment for my Automotive Engineering study, I have to practice manual FEM calculations. I'm free to choose whichever existing construction, and with that I have to make FEM analyses of both ...
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What is the splice length for two reinforcement bars in tension of different diameter?

For reinforcing in concrete, anchorage / lap lengths are determined by the multiplying the diameter of the rebar with a factor. Generally a factor of 40-45 is accepted as the de-facto standard. ...
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Material Properties: Does bending reduce iron rebar's strength?

I'm reading an introduction to structural engineering book and there's a fundamental concept I'm trying to relate to real life: In construction, we regularly bend iron rebar into a variety of shapes ...
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Strength of a welded steel gate with vertical bars vs. crossed diagonal bars

Looking for some hints on how to create a rough estimate for the following problem. Given two steel gates with the same dimensions, same material - e.g. everything is the same. The only difference ...
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Localized stabilisation of Lunar lava tubes

A study from Purdue University suggests the Moon contains a number of wide underground lava tubes, up to 5000 m wide and about 1500 m high, in which subterranean cities could be constructed. Such ...
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How to determine reinforcement design strip widths and locations

When designing reinforced concrete slabs it is common to divide the slab into 'design strips', which are then used to rationalise the reinforcement design along (typically orthogonal) lengths of the ...
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