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Wind generator and heater (high power load) connected directly

I am thinking about the building house heating system like this: Outside my house I put 12V 1000W wind turbine, for example, like this. Inside my house I connect directly without any converter/adapter/...
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Could a mainspring be used to generate train acceleration during starting-up from the kinetic energy stored during its slowing down?

When waiting for the underground, I've always been wondering why we could not absorb the kinetic energy of the train to slow it down at the station and then to release this energy to help it ...
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Brake selection problem

I have a quick question guys. I am gonna select a brake but I am not sure. A Crane Hoist motor has a rating of 300 HP and maximum speed of 1800 rpm. This motor is attached to a gearbox with a perfect (...
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Can a car's Electronic Stability Control (ESC) operate using electromagnetic braking?

The Wikipedia article for ESC describes the process as using hydraulic anti-lock brakes. However, is it possible for electromagnetic braking to be used instead, with an electic motor/generator in ...
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Calculating the Braking Energy of a vehicle

you might find my question stupid. I am unfortunately not an engineer and didn't find the answer on google. I want to calculate the braking energy of a vehicle decelerating from v2 to v1 (km/h). ...
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Why can't energy be entirely recovered from a moving car's rotating wheels?

I have a friend who isn't properly visualizing energy loss in a moving car. His idea: Cars that can run forever without being recharged - - > while the engine rotates the front wheels the move the ...
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Why don't most consumer vehicles use kinetic energy recovery systems?

I know that Formula One and some sports cars have KERS systems to recover kinetic energy, but is there an expense/practicality barrier to installing them in consumer vehicles? As the technology ...
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Does an electric vehicle going downhill recover energy?

I have to model the behavior of an electric car. For this, I use these equations and I can observe by "playing" with parameters that, when going downhill at constant speed, the car has a negative ...
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Regenerative Braking of DC motor

I'm looking to implement a simple regenerative braking circuit in order to measure how much energy could be regenerated using a DC motor. My knowledge of electronics is very basic to say the least so ...
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How can I determine the power generated by a regenerative braking system?

If I have an electric vehicle on an incline (m=17,300 kg) I want to figure out how much energy it would generate by regenerative braking. I've used $a= g \cdot \sin({\theta}) $ and $f=m\cdot a$. <...
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What are the technical obstacles for using flywheel-based regenerative braking on bicycles?

Is it possible to convert the energy you would normally lose when braking your bicycle to rotational energy by attaching an extra wheel which would start to rotate once you use your brakes? E.g., when ...
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