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What products and materials dissolve in water? - Marketing Course

I'm currently working on a design project in my marketing class requiring me to create a prototype that helps with an everyday issue. I'm curious to find a material that only dissolves in water. It ...
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Why can't we dispose of plastic waste in decommissioned oil wells?

As a non-expert, abandoned oil wells appear to me to be perfect solution for ever growing amount of plastic waste we are generating every year. These underground pockets held crude oil for millions of ...
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Why do rare-earth permanent magnets need to be recycled instead of just reused?

For years, scientists and engineers have struggled to find ways to efficiently break down and recycle rare-earth materials from various devices, especially permanent magnets.... My question is: Why do ...
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How can I recycle LDPE or HDPE from plastic mesh tree guards?

I have thousands of plastic mesh tree guards like this one: The trees are now grown and I would like to recycle them. From a quick search online, they seem made from UV-resistant high density ...
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Industrial recycling of mirrors

I learned recently that mirror is mostly manufactured by pouring thin metal coating (i.e alumunium) on top of a substrate surface (i.e glass), Due to the nature of this composition it cannot be easily ...
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Will specific fillers or chemicals make simple plastic milk cartons more durable, enough to be used as weightlifting plates

no code involved and no technical equipment is going to involved in experiment and implementation for business/tech startup that is, in brief, a way for me to exercise during my business studies! ...
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Do companies recover CO2 and water from the purification step of cryogenic air separation, and how?

In the 3rd step of cryogenic air separation, filtered air is purified to remove water, CO2, and hydrocarbons from the N2-O2-Ar stream. Im interested in knowing what happens with that CO2 and water. ...
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Health hazards of disassembling electronic devices?

I´ve been disassembling a lot of electronic devices in order to recycle them, separating plastics, electronic boards and bolts/other metal parts. Is there any proof of health hazards for doing it ...
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Recycling materials like plexiglass, polycarbonate and dibond

I'm working on a project for a printing company with the main goal to reduce their waste. Paper products are not the issue but they also use materials like plexiglass, polycarbonate and dibond. I was ...
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Copper recycling process

Hello I am hoping someone can share their knowledge I encountered a problem on a recent project at a site I visited. They are encountering enormous amounts of waste copper wire which they are sending ...
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Is it better to throw used domestic cooking oil in toilet or within the garbage? [closed]

I recently asked a friend how I should recycle my used deep frying oil because I just don't have enough oil to justify taking my car, drive 20 minutes away to the waste collection site for few liters ...
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How can dross/slag formation be reduced during aluminum recycling?

I have a furnace for aluminum recycling wherein dross formation is a major issue. It reduces the yield by about 10-12%. I am looking for a change in process parameters or other solutions through which ...
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What procedure do steel plants use to recycle water vapor?

As you may know Steel plants and Tile Factories use a lot of water. I want to know how do these factories recycle water vapor which is mixed with flue gases to reuse it? Do they take advantage of Heat ...
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How can the alloying materials of recycled steels be separated?

As I know, a very considerable part of the currently processed steels (around half of it) is coming from recycling. But during the steels coming into the recycling process are coming normally from ...
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