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Is it possible to build a radar that is shielded behind one meter of ceramic material and still detect people 500 meters away?

I saw that there are radars which can detect people behind walls, so I wonder what the limitations of radars are when it comes to detecting people while being protected behind thick ceramic shield.
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Will nanochaff of radius 5nm act as an electrical conductor for the purposes of jamming radar?

I was reading a great paper about nanochaff recently and I was wondering how small it could be made while still diffracting in the radio spectrum. Does anyone know if 5nm diameter chaff would still be ...
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Optimal frequency for penetrating 1 meter of water using radio waves?

We are attempting to penetrate 1m of water featuring dissolved ions ( assume salinity of sea water) using radio waves. Aside for using wavelengths of very low frequency radio or below, what would be ...
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Rotation of Radar Axis in 3D plane

I'm working on a sensor fusion application. In our vehicle, 4 radars (fixed, non-rotating radars) are placed at 4 corners of the vehicles at 45 degrees with respect to x, y and z-axes of the vehicle. ...
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What kind of low-cost equipment do I need to learn and experiment with RADAR at home?

I am interested in RADARs. However, I don't have enough time to go to school for studying RADARs. Therefore, I am thinking about self-study. What kind of low-cost equipment do I need to learn and ...
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How to design the range and precision of a radar?

I would like to design the wave characteristics and size of antenna for a radar, but I am quite confused about how to find this information. The radar should have roughly following capabilities: ...
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What are design considerations for an RCS test range be relocated fully underground?

Sites like the Lockheed Helendale RCS or the Tonopah test range are only known to have an underground pit to support raising or lowering of test articles. But is it technically possible to have a ...
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How to get correct yaw and pitch after rotation

I am trying to come up with a "stabilization" algorithm for an antenna dish. The dish can move in the azimuth (yaw) and elevation (pitch) directions. But the boat it is mounted to, moves in ...
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How do "Your Speed" Signs work, and how do vehicles know when it's the sign's turn to display their speed?

I see these LED speed signs on the side of the road, which display the approaching vehicle's speed. What I have gathered is that they measure the time between the sending and receiving of the signals ...
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can I extend the the antenna of a magnetron with a cable?

If I connect a piece of heavy copper wire or copper rod to the antenna cap of a magnetron can I guide the current so that microwaves would be emitted further away ?
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Aspect Angles in 3D (Radar Cross Sectional Area)

a bit confused with regards to the whole term aspect angle in a 3D planar case. Most examples that I searched online involved either a 2D plane or a stationary object. Let say the black circle ...
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Can a piece of conductor be made invisible to radar by overdamping?

To my understanding every conductor reemits a bit of electromagnetic waves induced in it by radiation. If theres a way in an antenna one could create a wave of opposite phase to the incident one so ...
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Radar/Lidar for detection of humans in an indoor room

I have a room (a waiting room) about 10x10 meters and I would like to locate people in there. The ceiling in the room is really high, so I can place a radar above in any height I want. My questions: ...
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How to determine data size created by sensor for calculation of signal processing and transmitting over wireless communication?

I want to build some sort of SAR sensor. Since radar works high speeds and creates loads of data this should be processed faster. I am trying to find algorithms to be used for this purpose. I am at ...
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A radar that is not an OTH detection distance

Let's say that we have a radar that is not an OTH on a boat, and it is placed 30 meters above the ground. Is there a way for it to detect an offshore platform 152 kilometers away from it, since the ...
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Find electronics in wilderness; or, "I dropped my cell phone in the woods!"

Imagine I was working in the woods and dropped my cell phone somewhere in a large area where it is now hidden beneath dense vegetation. By calling it I confirm that either it has powered off or its ...
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How do brass models work (radar)?

A common practice in naval research is to construct brass models of ships to study the reflectivity of a vessel. This can (supposedly) be used to understand the way it reacts to radar and the way ...
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