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How to use a high current 2 Second current pulse to actuate a servo - First year Electrical Engineer

I am using a dual deployment system controller, an Eggtimer Quark REVC2 which at apogee outputs a high current 2 second pulse. I don't have time to buy a more advanced Eggtimer which outputs proper ...'s user avatar
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pca9685 alternative [closed]

As chip shortage continues, it is harder to get the above mentioned IC.(used to drive various LEDs ) I struggle to find an alternative based on the points mentioned below, maybe someone encountered ...
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High Fan Speed Not Cooling As Expected (PWM, Arduino)

We have a system involving a fan blowing air through a box which contains a small (but constant) heat source and a temperature sensor. The fan speed is controlled with PWM. As PWM (and hence fan speed)...
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How to drive 12V servo motors using 5V PWM or 3.3V PWM using ARM MCU?

I have to drive several 12V servo motors. So I wanna to get 12V PWM Controller (12V Logic Controller). I have MCU as Atmel SAM3X8E arduino due board. It has 5V PWM outs. Is there any Controller IC ...
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PID control of a DC motor with PWM from Raspberry Pi - how to cross dead area?

I'm driving a DC motor (actually a linear actuator) with a Polulu motor controller from a Raspberry Pi. The motor drives if you ask for anything between 20 and 100% duty cycle, so there is a dead zone ...
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PWM to analog RC based filter with minimum analog voltage level

Trying to design a circuit to accomplish the following: 5V PWM signal is converted to 0-2.5V analog voltage The analog voltage should never drop below a certain minimum voltage level, when PWM is 0 ...
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How can I use a 5V pwm with a 12V pwm

I'm trying to control my 12V fan with a 5V fan controller. With this circuit the fan run at full speed. When I measure the voltage on PWM and ground I obtain 5V. Which circuit can I use to adapt the ...
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Applying PWM to get analog button

I am trying to understand how to turn a basic click button into something that behaves like a pressure sensitive button, meaning the harder you press it the greater the value. There are PWM modules ...
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Dc motors: relationship between PWM frequency and Torque

I am experiencing serious reduction in torque when using PWM to reduce speed - I'm temporarily resorting to 10Hz, and even then, 50% mark-space gives me (at most) half the torque of fully on. I'm ...
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