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How much of a QR code needs to be covered to be unreadable?

How much of a QR code has to be physically covered up to not be readable by a scanner? I'm aware that QR code has max. 30% error correction, so 30% minimum coverage should do it? It also has 3 ...
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A camera for crime investigation [closed]

Technically, is it possible to produce a camera that would allow the investigator to video record the entire criminal process on site a few months later after it took place? I am not talking here ...
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Metal casting simulation and the solidification analysis

Casting process analysis Mold filling affects the quality of a casting. The fluid flow phenomena are closely related to the casting quality and surface finish. The dimensional accuracy of a casting ...
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Price of e-beam evaporator [closed]

I'm trying to find an accurate price estimate for an electron beam evaporator for a research project. The intended application is for use in large-scale manufacturing. How does one usually go about ...
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How to determine the effect of manufacturing variability on assembly of items

Any help is appreciated. Below are some details The product has around 20 different components (including ones manufactured to spec, fasteners, off the shelf, consumables, etc.) Lets assume the ...
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Simulating production of a product by a machine

I'm a beginner and trying to learn simulation modeling. My aims for simulation includes; A firm receives 5000 orders per week. 120 products are manufactured in an hour. The machine runs for 4 shifts ...
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Designing a progressive die to make a blank on a thick steel sheet

Suggest and Design a progressive die to make a blank with a 2 mm thick steel sheet as shown in Fig. The ultimate shear strength of the material is 480 MPa. Calculate press capacity assuming 75% ...
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Standard time of basic actions in production line

We are making a model to review changes to our production process. For the model we need estimations for standard movements (waking speed, picking something up, ...) What are the standard time?
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Cleaning tape for automatic part cleaning during manufacturing

Is there something like a consumable cleaning tape for automatically cleaning parts during manufacturing? Some parts need to be cleaned before automatic assembly, e.g. magnets before adhesive being ...
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Manufacturing with glass panels [closed]

I would like to design a 3.2-inch LCD display onto a product. The best aesthetic I have seen is using a flush glass screen front face. My product does not use touch screen. How would I go about ...
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From advanced prototype to low-volume production

So to the point. In our project (Robotics project) we mostly use sheet metal and PLA printed parts to build. But we want to level up and be ready for an advanced run and even low-volume production of ...
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What does "bedding-in" mean in casting technology?

I've heard this term used a lot in literature but I don't understand what the technique is they are referring to. Please help me out here.
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Does gravity have any effect on metal casting?

I wonder if the presence of a gravity field, makes any difference in the properties of the finished parts? That’s only if we can somehow, keep every other factor almost the same.
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