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How does turning off electric appliances save energy

We all know if we use less electricity we save energy. But the energy we're getting is result of burning (not necessarily the literal meaning) the fuel. Even if we don't use that energy that fuel is ...
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Having three heaters on single PCB

I posted this question on electronics SE, but was suggested that I post it here. I basically having three heaters (serpentine pattern) on a PCB (fiberglass board), as the following image shows: The ...
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1 vote
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Do gears affect top speed?

Do more gears affect the top speed/acceleration of the car in any way? I know the gears won't increase hp since more gears would increase RPM but would decrease torque.
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How to calculate Power of motor when used as a generator?

How can you calculate how much power can be generated by a motor when used as a generator (like a motor used in a wind turbine)? Does the power depend on how fast the magnet is rotated? If so, is ...
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What is the difference between Bluetooth Low Energy and Bluetooth BR/EDR in Park mode?

It is known that Bluetooth Low Energy transmits data only during short time intervals called Connection Events. Connection events occur regullary with predefined period. The rest of the time Bluetooth ...
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