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How to measure linear displacement in real-time?

I'm trying to sense the position and orientation of an object in real-time using an Arduino. I'm able to measure orientation with ease using a 9-DOF IMU. I cant seem to figure out how to measure ...
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What kind of sensor can I use for measuring the rotational position and speed of a link in a fourbar mechanism?

I work in mechanism circuit breaker design. We typically use mechanism that utilize small Θ and we therefore measure using linear travel potentiometers. On this new design, I need to measure a larger ...
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Methods of finding the angle to an object

I'm working on a project that needs a system that can determine approximate angle of an object related to it. I have anchor position (multiple anchors, but fairly close ~ 1m of each other). And object ...
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Mounting an electric motor to a transmission: how to measure

I'm trying to fabricate parts to mate an electric motor to a manual car transmission (although, I think this is a more general question). I need to connect this: To this: Like this: The approach I'...
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Autocad- Aligning 4 corners to 4 different lines

To explain the situation, I am creating a site plan (using Autocad 2022), I have a building that is angled within a complex property. The 4 corners of the building are dimensioned to a property line(...
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Help with design of linear actuator

I am working on an automated gate positioner for a drill press. This gate will move back and forth by a set distance so lining up the drill press is automatic. I have tested with the Z axis of a cheap ...
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Convert X over Y positioner angles to Azimuth and Elevation angles

I am building a small hobby level X over Y positioner for tracking satellites in Low Earth Orbit (LEO). It will be similar in concept to what is depicted here:
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How to determine the angular velocity of the platform as a function of motor rotations per second?

Hello all of you engineering geniuses. Awhile ago a very talented individual on here helped me work out the conceptual mechanics of this design. As you can see from the model, there is a lead screw ...
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Using complementary filter in rotation matrix

I am using accelerometer and gyroscope and try to compensate earth gravity. I figured out use of complementary filter, that calculates pitch and roll angle. On account of compensating gravity I am ...
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How to design a method to estimate vx=speed in direction of swimming

We have a body that goes underwater (let's say a whale) with magnetometer and accelerometer data. I also have GPS, date, depth, pressure and temperature data. I want to know if there is any simple way ...
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Cheap and accurate angle measurement for PID feedback control

I'm working on a PID-controlled barn door tracker mount for astrophotography in an isosceles configuration: For those not familiar, the purpose of the barn door tracker is to compensate for the ...
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What are some robust method to detect or repel lizard?

I am working on a HVAC project where lizard in going inside the electrical unit and causing wire damage and short circuit. I need to find some solution to detect or repel lizard before any ...
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Radio triangulation with Raspberry Pi

Currently, I am thinking that since electromagnetic waves loose energy over distance, you might be able to figure out the relative distance to each of three radio "beacons" and use this information to ...
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Given Pitch and Roll in one Heading, convert to co-planar pitch and roll for North

I have been pouring through countless articles about Euler's angles, rotation matrices, Rodriguez Rotation Formula, Quaternions, trying to understand how to generate an algorithm for this problem and ...
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How are tunnels dug from two endpoints joined?

Let's assume I want to build a subway system. I dig two subway stations and now I start digging a tunnel from both of these endpoints simultaneously. How can I ensure that the two tunnels dug from ...
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Decission between several position switches and one continuos position signal for controling rotating conveyor

We plan a conveyor that will dump something into containers. A level gauge on the tip of the container will measure the heap below. The conveyor is placed on a turntable and will e rotated ...
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