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Is there a specific way to simulate porous structures?

I tried to simulate an axial compression test for a lattice (porous) structure but It takes too much time and it doesn't give me the right answer (when I compare with experimental results). So, I was ...
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What material can wick up fluids while not allowing micro-organisms to pass?

I'm looking for a material that can wick up a solution containing nutrients and sugars. The dirty side of the wick should touch a medium to draw up the solution, on the clean side of the wick ...
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Modeling air bearing flow as porous medium

I want to model the flow through a cylindrical air bearing such as the New Way Flat round air bearing, so that I can play around with modifying parameters (porous and fluid medium type and geometry) ...
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pressure difference across injection and extraction in soil

We have a tank of dimension 100cm *100cm *5 cm( assuming 1D flow) which is filled with saturated sand and 5 cm of water standing above the soil. We inject fluid ( which is same as water in density and ...
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Holzapfel-Gasser-Ogden (HGO) model

Can Holzapfel-Gasser-Ogden (HGO) model be applied to solid porous materials such as rocks, concrete and etc. as well? If yes, would you please introduce a reference. If not, is there any modified ...
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