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Static electricity in PE foam rolling

In a PE (polyethylene) foam factory there have been some incidents with static electricity that have created minor fires. Fire is a concern in such a factory, as PE is highly flammable, and even more ...
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How to apply the permeability value found from an experiment?

I have done a permeability experiment on LDPE in the presence of air using a 25mm circular specimen. At 30'C, the permeability was found to be 1.846 barrer. Now I am trying to apply this permeability ...
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Help me guesstimate the loads I can apply to a little PE block welded to a PE wall

I want to mount some equipment into a polyethylene (PE) shaft. I can't bolt or drill directly into the walls, but the supplier of the shaft can weld little PE blocks onto the wall: 50x50x50 mm, with ...
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