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Can anyone suggest an Economical way for Polishing wound Wires?

I am working as a mechanical design engineer. At my work place, we were making chairs with 12 mm diameter wire via bending. We were using mild steel flash wires which was like the perfect wire with ...
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Do fine grit sand papers and wax polish bars and pastes have a universal color code?

Im talking about 10k 5k 2k 1k 800 400 grit papers, wax polishing bars and polish paste. Do they have a universal color code which corresponds to grit? Many times the letters are either not on the ...
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1 vote
2 answers

How is sandpaper grit size (the FEPA number system) defined?

Sandpapers are labeled to show their coarseness according to different standards. The CAMI system is used in e.g. the USA, and the FEPA system in Europe. I am interested in the FEPA system. It labels ...
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2 answers

Budget abrasive for vibration polishing

We're making a vibration polisher for polishing laser-cut aluminum and steel parts, and we're looking for the abrasive medium to fill it with. We need about 30 liters of it - and the one we found (for ...
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