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Estimating circular pipe flow velocity through a known elevation profile and known length with a known initial pressure and flow velocity

I have a known elevation profile spanning the length of my pipe (~600 meters). An elevation value is given for every five meters of pipe. At the beginning of the pipe, I have a known velocity (1.1 m/s)...
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Plumbing - Existing Building Water Fixtures Supply Units and Operational Demand

If you have an existing building that is several stories, I would like to know the best way for assessing the water supply fixture units demand. If you upfit one of the floors, the new fixture demand ...
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Suction hose or regular PVC hose?

I had a liquid filling machine to which on the suction side I had applied regular PVC hose Some time back I had a problem that after some use the hose was beginning to breathe air. How do I know it ...
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Minimum thickness for a pipe fitting?

I need to thread a 1/4 bsp (M12) into a 4mm thick aluminium end plate. The working fluid is water at 90 degrees celsius. Is the end plate thick enough to adequately seal the flow or should I consider ...
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What is the best way to tap a tube into a cylindrical canister?

Recently I bought a copper water canister/ water bottle for a project I'm doing. I'm looking to use it to replace an inline filthy broken stock water-reservoir in my Samsung fridge. My fridge has a 5/...
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derive functions for generating projections for the interpenetration of two cylinders for making fittings

​ I want to make custom fittings for constructing large molecular models using copper tubing. I will need to cut a hole in one piece of tubing that will closely fit around another inserted piece. I ...
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Effect of reducing pipe diameter at the outlet

I am pumping various chemicals (oils, resins and solvents) over a distance of up to 12 metres. The inlet and outlet points are at the same height. For the majority of the distance, the pipework will ...
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What's the name of the valve that opens once pipes are mated?

I am building a wastewater system for my van (ie low pressure) and would like removable tanks for ease of emptying. I can shut off the inlet but would like to be able to drop them and automatically ...
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