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3 answers

Grade Beam vs Wooden Pile Foundation

We are in the design phase of a home at the New Jersey seashore. We are having a hard time deciding between a grade beam over pile foundation or having the home built on a regular pile foundation. The ...
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How strong will this sail pull up?

I am building this ground-mounted solar panel sail: It will sit on twelve 150 mm timber piles. There are 20 panels 1755×1038 mm, 20 kg each, with 17 mm gaps between them, sitting at 69°. The total ...
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3 answers

How to make top of rebar cage of CIP pile exposed

A long time ago I saw that when cast in place piles were poured, the rebar cage was lowered all the way to the hole and the concrete was cast. After the concrete hardened, the soil around the top of ...
4 votes
2 answers

What does "crs" mean in structural engineering / construction?

In the realm of structural engineering, construction, foundation design, what is "crs" when talking about piles/posts? Is it an abbreviation? Does it refer to some sort of size? Some ...
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3 answers

Low pile capacity during pile driving

When driving piles, the resistance from the soil is constantly measured. What happens when the expected resistance values from the soil are not obtained? For a single pile or for multiple piles? What ...
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Effect of overburden pressure on the skin friction pile capacity

In a given soil, the lateral effect of overburden pressure is constant with depth, as in $p=qk$, where: $p$: lateral pressure effect, $q$: overburden pressure $k$: soil lateral pressure coefficient. ...