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Controls Project: Help needed finding 3rd order system

I'm in need of help finding a third-order or higher system in which I can derive a transfer function. We have a class project in which we need to find a real-life example of the system that equates to ...
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Why are the phase indicators different between the open loop bode plot and the closed loop bode plot?

I have an open-loop transfer function G num=105*conv([1 1],[1 2 43.25]); den=conv([2 0 0],conv([1 2 82],[1 2 101])); G=tf(num,den); and a closed-loop function of G/(1+G). Here are the open-loop bode ...
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PI controller for second order system

I have a second order system and I need to control it using a PI controller. I need to tune the gains of the controller in order for the system to satisfy the below specifications: $$ OS\% < 10\% \...
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why Type III systems has at least two gain margins?

I heard the following statement if we have a type III system, or one that has three or more low-frequency poles that we're closing around, then we ...
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Is there any other controller than PID Controller?

I have been given a Project to search for a controller having better transient response than PID Controller. I searched but I didn't find any research paper on it. All are talking about improving PID'...
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