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What LOS is used by AASHTOWare ME for the traffic capacity cap option?

In AASHTOWare ME, when using the traffic capacity cap option, what is the LOS that the software assumes for this calc? Is it "F"? (Not covered in the Help function)
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What does "Percent Trucks in Design Lane" input represent?

In the AASHTO Pavement ME program version 2.6, for the traffic input "Percent Trucks in Design Lane" is the default value of 95% based on the maximum percent of trucks that can occur in the ...
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How to calculate load bearing capacity of a floating pavement?

Given tire load of a vehicle, how do I calculate load bearing capacity of a non-reinforced concrete pavement floating on a layer of heat insulation material, which is on the RC base? I can't figure ...
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Level 3 subgrade resilient modulus

Are the typical values provided in Pavement ME for Level 3 subgrade resilient modulus based on material compacted according to AASHTO T 180? I know it says they are in the note to Table 10-10. We run ...
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