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I want to determine the flow rate and required turbine size for an offshore hydroelectric scheme and need help

I'm creating a report on the possible implementation of a sub hydro system and need some help. I've attached the image of what I'm proposing, where I've essentially created a head via a riser B with a ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Can a bridge's towers be used as wind turbines?

I come from a fairly remote island where we need a 150 min ferry ride to reach the mainland. While the island has few resources that would encourage a government to investigate the possibility of a ...
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0 answers

What is API class in subsea torque tools?

I have been in touch with suppliers of actuators for subsea valves. They have mentioned their solutions are available for no matter the valve size, as long as the interface is API 17D class 2, 4 or 7. ...
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How does a cable-laying ship retrieve a partly-laid cable?

I was reading an article in the press this week about a project to lay an undersea cable across the Tasman Sea. The ship had had to return to port for repairs and return to complete the job later. ...
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