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List of engineering jobs where particular attention to heat and heat hazards need to be kept in mind [closed]

I was wondering whether anyone can give me a complete list of jobs, whereby, people would be working, near, things, with extreme heat conditions, or next to things having extreme heat conditions. Here ...
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Looking for data or nomenclature that partains to "Smoothness/accuracy" of servo grade gearboxs for roll to roll application

I am designing a roll to roll web drive system where having smooth consistent very slow speed is important to quality of the product. I will be using a clearpath servo motor with a gearbox of 20:1 ...
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What is the engineering standard for filenames with fractions and inches?

I need to save some engineering files that need the thicknesses in the filename. Windows hates "/" or "\", so I can't use a simple fraction. Symbols like this... ⅓, ⅔, ⅕, ⅖, ⅗, ⅘, ⅙, ⅚, ⅛, ⅜, ⅝, ⅞ .....
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What does "+- %/K" mean?

On a datasheet, sensitivity temperature drift (TCs) is specified in %/K. I read this as "the percent change per kelvin". Is this is simple as this sounds, or is there a reason for using kelvin over ...
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Iris mechanism nomenclature - need help to enable better search results

I'm researching iris mechanisms with the goal of building a functioning, weather-sealed door. I am learning much as I go along, but am faced with a challenge in nomenclature (I am not an engineer). I ...
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Units for plasma etching of circuits: A (with degree symbol)/min

Background: I'm a statistician working with a design of experiments example regarding plasma etching of circuits, and unfortunately, the author does not define what is meant by the units used for the ...
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What is the Technical Term for this kind of slot?

I am looking for the technical term which describes the kind of slot one finds commonly in modern phones to hold SIM cards. More specifically, what does one call a slot that one pushes the SIM card ...
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What is this nut on a micrometer head and what is the tool for removing it called?

My apologies for a likely very simple question. But what is this nut which I have on a micrometer head called, and what is the tool for removing it called?
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What does "$\pm$ 0.5% F.S." mean?

I've seen it in several data sheets - it is a measure of error of some kind, of course. The problem is I dont know the exact meaning. I've seen it in the context of repeatability, accuracy and ...
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