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How to a convert a domestic gas C.H. Boiler to use Hydrogen?

What engineering changes are needed to convert a domestic gas boiler from running on natural gas (i.e. north sea gas) to hydrogen? The UK government is currently planning on switching to using ...
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Genetic algorithm implementation for gas/power/water network operation optimizaiton

I have both practical and theoretical background in power, gas and water networks operation and I am familiar with the basics of genetic algorithm. I would like to dive into the network operation ...
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Heating costs for gas pool-spa and the estimated cost the higher you are from the outside air

With any hot tub running year around the cost to heat a spa on any given day fluctuates based upon outside influences such as outside air. Pool cover, surface area, use, etc Taking only a non used no ...
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How to use natural gas mostly sourced from ʟɴɢ on appliances designed only with propane burners?

Given identical pipes, and given in Europe propane from bottles is distributed at 34millibars (G31) and 20millibars for main gas (G20 standard). Using the Wobbe index, how much natural gas should be ...
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If you shut down a gas pipeline for a few months would you fill it with gas at full pressure?

This is of course inspired by the Nordstream gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea. When it was decided that Nordstream 2 would not start operating after construction finished they still filled it with ...
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Applications of CO$_2$ sensors [closed]

I am working on a project where I am creating a new type of CO2 sensor. (I can't give details on the functionalities). I am looking for applications to showcase the capabilities and the usefulness of ...
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How can I express parameters of a natural gas generator in terms of a diesel generator?

I am using the REOpt tool from the U.S. National Renewable Energy Lab to help in sizing a new battery energy storage system and solar PV array for an existing building. The building already has a ...
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