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Questions tagged [motors]

Questions regarding motors. All types of motors, their gearboxes, how to drive an electrical motor etc.

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How can I calculate the power and torque required for the motor on a wheeled robot/vehicle?

How can I calculate the power and torque required for the motor on a wheeled robot or vehicle if a particular acceleration or movement up an incline is required?
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Understanding required torque for a motor lifting a weight

This is a continuation of me trying to understand torque and stepper motors in my other question. I'm trying to understand the torque a motor would be required to generate to lift a small weight, and ...
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Effective ways to drive a single shaft with multiple motors?

To head off the "why not use a bigger motor" question, I'm a high school mentor for an FTC (First Tech Challenge) robotics team, with a bit of a soft mechanical / hardware background. They're ...
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Ways to brake an axle

I am currently studying Mechanical Engineering and am doing an assignment where I have to design a wire rope tensioner where a wire rope is unspooled from a drum, but the wire has to be at a specific ...
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What mechanism would you use to lift, then at a certain point release something with a pulley, string & motor

I'd like to lift an inflatable cow up to a pulley I threw over a high branch and then release it to fall when it gets to the top, and then repeat the process. I currently have a loop of string between ...
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Are stator magnets in brushed DC motors radially magnetised?

In an electric motor like this one, are the stator magnets radially magnetised, as in, each of the two magnets has opposite poles on the inside and outside diameter?
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Avoid snapping an electric cable from too much rotation

I recently built the basic construction for a crane out of lightweight material. Basically the head of the crane contains an electric servo motor which spins the head of the crane by pushing itself ...
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How to calculate Power of motor when used as a generator?

How can you calculate how much power can be generated by a motor when used as a generator (like a motor used in a wind turbine)? Does the power depend on how fast the magnet is rotated? If so, is ...
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How to connect a motor shaft to a plate

I'm trying to drive an aluminium plate using a motor via a 20mm-wide 2mm-thick stainless steel tube. The tube is driven by a 6mm motor shaft via a pulley and the torque will be around 5Nm at most. Is ...
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Why aren't pneumatic/hydraulic artificial muscle actuated humanoid robots more common?

I'm designing a humanoid robot using pneumatic artificial muscles. I chose these actuator units because they're much cheaper than electric motors of comparable power output capability. instead of ...
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Advice on spring launcher project

I found an ingenious design of a spring ball launcher on grabcad and I'm interested in adapting it to accelerate a $43.7 \mathrm{~mm}$ diameter, $45 \mathrm{~g}$ golf ball enough to reach $65.5 \...
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Oscillations in motor control systems

I have an underdamped control system for a DC motor. It is only a mathematical model so I can't visualise the motor. I can change the value of the "k" or compensator. I have noticed that changing ...
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Torque Problems vs Motor Problem?

I want to preface this by saying I am software engineer so each part of this robot build has been a lesson on its own. From welding, to CAD design, pillow block bearings, etc, etc.... I am working ...
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Fast and quitet linear actuator for lifting less than a kilo

I'm looking for a linear actuator that can lift a microphone of about 700 grams. It's for a goose-neck microphone (together with shock-mount) that will pop out of a small pulpit. Only the top part is ...
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Will the cart steer to the left/right by itself in this design?

I'm trying to retrofit a pull cart with electric motor. So, one wheel will have an electric hub motor and it is connected to a rotating shaft to the other non-powered wheel. The driveshaft is ...
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What signals are expected on the connectors for this 12V Volkswagen Scirroco wiper motor circuit

EDIT: added a picture of a very similar unit. I picked up a used VW rear? wiper motor that I want to use for a simple motion experiment. Having no idea how to power the thing I popped open the case ...
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How to calculate the required torque in a static equilibrium system

I am working on a personal project where I need to select a motor to rotate a system that is in static equilibrium. The motor torque specification is given in This is what I have: Bar : 2 ...
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how to avoid a clash of magnetic charge and electric charge

now I'm working on a project which involves a dc motor and high voltage. I'm developing a machine consists of a motor to rotate a platform disc and high voltage will be applied during the rotation. ...
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Force Required to Lift a WEIGHT of 1Kg [closed]

I want to lift a mass of 1kg so how much force is required ?
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