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Valox 420 30% glass wear

I am seeking assistance regarding thermoplastic material wear on a new product I am developing. The attached image is molded out of Valox 420 30% glass. In the left side image, the locking dents are ...
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How to mold a silicone sheet?

I'd like to produce prototype parts by molding a silicon sheet (0.6mm thickness) to a shape that looks roughly like below: If split in two, this part looks like this: I have attempted to print this ...
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Polymer material selection for injection molding

I'm trying to select injection moulding materials, and need some assistance to find the right products. I have a component that is made up 2 parts; an inner insert and an outer overmould. Originally ...
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Pressure bag moulding Vs Vacuum bag moulding

What are there pro and cons of each method? In which industries were/are these molding techniques used? Why has vacuum bag molding supplanted pressure bag molding?
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Production methods for AC mains power plug pins?

What are the production processes and steps involved in producing a mains powered device that plugs into a standard mains socket (like a smart plug for example). Mains plug pins are usually made of ...
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Why would these hydraulic cylinders have 3 large connections?

I am trying to work out how a recently acquired Arburg 220-90-350 from 1982 works so that I can build a new control system and get it working. It's a direct clamping machine with no toggle. The ...
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Glass bottle with a prolonged neck that continues into the inner space

Is it possible to create following two shapes from glass using currently known glass mass production techniques? Shape #1: bottle with a prolonged neck that continues into the inner space, like this (...
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How can we tell if a press mold need more stages?

I was asked to design a simple press mold for a 0.5mm sheet metal part. It has some small but rather deep sinks (5-7mm) which has made me wondering if it can be done in a single stage or it needs more ...
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Low cost molds. Can such molds be produced?

I recently found the following link There you will see that they sale hundreds of different aluminum molds related to fishing. These molds ...
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Can I use polymer clay to make a mold and then melt HDPE plastic in it in the oven?

Can I use polymer clay to make a mold and then melt HDPE plastic in it in the oven? My goal is to be able to dig a fairly uncomplicated shape in a polymer clay block and then fill that mold with small ...
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Can wooden mold be used for blow molding?

I should have produced a custom designed bottle, but metal molds are some expensive and because we don't require too many products (we just need 100-200 piece), I need a way to reduce the cost. So I ...
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Rc Car BodyShell created

Growing up I would have these RC Car, they had the cover which eiher a cover of a truck or any brand of cars, I could take this cover off and then change the batteries of the rc car or just check the ...
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Designing an injection molding mold for a part with a certain parting line and ejector pin location

How do you design a mold to create that part? The only way I can think of is to make the parting line horizontal to the part instead of vertical. But is there any way to design the mold so that the ...
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(moulded) cast properties of the untreated surface

While my research about the untreated surface of moulded cast I read that the properties such as tensile strength, 0,2% proof stress and so on are different (much smaller) from the properties you can ...
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mould for boring enclosures

For an electronics device that I make I use a standard plastic (I think polystyrene) enclosure. This enclosure needs to be precision-drilled, ant I lack the dedicated equipment. What I think would ...
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Push button design for small gadget

I'm looking at designing a small gadget (think something like a Fitbit in size) where the case has a couple of buttons on it. For various reasons the buttons have to be around the narrow side (edge) ...
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Injection nozzles and static mixers for LSR - How do i prevent an uncleanable blockage between runs?

I'm trying to implement a new material in our processes, and that's a 2 part, highly viscous (500-1000 Pa s) liquid silicone rubber. I will also be adding a pigment, so that's 3 components that need ...
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How are non-continuous internal threads plastic injection molded?

I'm trying to figure out how the heck some of these plastic bottle caps are injection molded. By having the thread on the inside of a cap, this obviously creates an undercut. Now I've watched some ...
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Is it possible to replicate a motorcycle engine cylinder head?

Is it possible to create a mold of an aluminium motorcycle cylinder head so that you can create an exact replica with melted aluminium?
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Looking for translation of "закладная втулка" (threaded bushing?)

Sometimes we need a strong threaded joint in some part that is produced using molding. Say, this part itself is plastic. Then we design the part with a hole and insert there a.. "threaded bushing"? I ...
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What steel to use? What thickness and width? What angles to use? [closed]

I am trying to develop my own spring steel version of a carbon fiber running blade that you might see in the paralympics. Except mine is for someone who still has their foot/leg. Nothing like that ...
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Influence of shear force on pressed part with steep walls

I'm working on a project that involves pressing a softened thermoplastic sheet in a two-part mold to form a part 0.090" thick. None of us at our small company are experts in matched molds, and we've ...
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2 answers

Molding thermoplastic over sensitive components

I have an electronic assembly that is heat sensitive. Due to the incorporation of a CR3032 coin cell battery, it can survive being heated to a maximum of 60 degrees C. I want to coat this assembly in ...
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Purpose and name of fine pitch marks on a cast metal part

I have seen this kind of mark on various cast metal parts. This is an image of the base casting of a hard disk drive made by HGST. What are these marks for? What are they called?
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How to build a transparent double hollow helix at home

I'm building a product prototype for a client. We are trying to figure out the best way to build a hollow helix capable of transporting liquid at home. Something similar to this: So far our best ...
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Can a Plasma Cutter use for melt metals?

Can a Plasma Cutter use for melt metals like Iron, Brass, Stainless Steel ect, ?. Particularly for molding purposes. If can't, is there any other electric item that doesn't use gases (Acetylene, ...
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Plastic Vacuum Cleaner Part -- Why did they design it this way?

I've designed a whole lot of different parts and products in my time: Plastic, metal, lighting products, electrical products and automotive parts. I generally can look at a product and figure out why ...
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Pouring aluminum into another block of Aluminum

I have a 120mmx120mm brushless fan with an Aluminum frame, which as you can imagine, isn't very thick. I want to thread the base, so I can mount it with a fairly large screw. For that I need to add ...
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