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Estimating Weight of Rocks from Quarry without Weighbridge

We have this process where large rocks are broken down in crushers before clients pick them up. However, we're having trouble accurately estimating the weights of the materials coming in from the ...
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What is the meaning of the term 'recoverable ore'?

What is the meaning of the term 'recoverable ore' when used in contexts relating to mining and the extraction of resources/minerals? For example, several academic papers use the term 'recoverable ore' ...
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Blasting - how to calculate the charge concentration Ib (kg/m)?

I posted this question in physics, but they advise me to post it here so here I am. I was looking for the formula to calculate the burden in bench blasting and I found this document. The problem is I ...
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Input power unit for Heavy Duty spool hose

I'm trying to design a machine for spooling a hose at a mining application. Considering all hose length, mass, spooling diameter and pump the peak torque would be of To = 10267 Nm. It sounds a lot but ...
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What is the largest diameter a vertical mine shaft may have in bedrock?

What are the design constraints to the diameter of a mine shaft in bedrock, considering the pressure of the ambient rock, its compression strength, the width of the liner, and its compression strength?...
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What is the most structurally supportive 3D Tessellation? The sort of thing you'd use to build chambers for an underground mansion

Hexagons are considered the strongest grid pattern, I believe, and that's why bees use them? They're an efficient use of space, with maximal structural integrity. I was wondering what a 3-dimensional ...
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Why is the All-In-Sustaining cost for mining gold so high relative to silver?

The All In Sustaining Cost for mining an ounce of gold at the moment is around \$1,000 ; i.e. if gold mines sold gold at around \$1,000 an ounce they would make neither a profit or a loss. The ...
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How would you find the amount of 'usable power' in a typical coal mining process

Suppose you have a typical coal mining process composed of the following steps: (1) Excavation -> (2) Crushing -> (3) Storage -> (4) Rail -> (5) Power Station The idea is the coal is ...
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Extracting other mineral from salt in evaporated seawater

I recently stumbled upon this news, seawater contains 47 minerals and metals. Starting with the most abundant and proceeding to the least abundant, these are chloride, with a concentration of 18 980 ...
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Can the US realistically mine and produce all Rare Earth Elements, without relying on China? [closed]

Why exactly isn't the US mining and producing its own rare earth metals (REEs)? I'm baffled by the mixed messages below. Because China uniquely possesses some REEs? US safeguards against pollution ...
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Why is a mining cage called a Mary-Ann?

I apologize in advance if this is off topic - maybe it is more of an English language query... Please feel free to migrate or close if needed :) I have seen mine cages/service lifts referred to as ...
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What would you call this mining vehicle? (Ural-20R, used in mining)

On the image below is a mining machine produced by the Kopeysk Machine-Building Plant. I'm not sure how to call it in English. The Russian name is "prokhodchesko-ochistnoy kombain". Multitran offers ...
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