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2 votes
4 answers

Why Are Ground-Based Robots Less Common in the Ukraine Conflict Compared to Drones?

In the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, we see a significant use of aerial drones for reconnaissance and combat roles, but there seems to be a noticeable absence of ground-based robots, especially those ...
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1 answer

How does a fighter craft rebalance itself after it fires its munitions and missiles?

How does a fighter craft rebalance itself after it fires its missiles? Each missile could range anywhere from 40kgs up to 750kgs depending on the model. I am curious to know how a fighter craft ...
1 vote
1 answer

What would this fairly bulky machined piece be doing in a missile?

Ria Novosti allegedly posted an image of this fairly bulky 10x10x4 cm (or so) machined piece with a hole in the middle, reportedly part of a Storm Shadow missile that hit Luhansk. I'm wondering ...
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2 answers

Are the production lines for military vehicles (incl. tanks) automated (with industrial robotics) similarly to the mass-produced cars?

My country is participant in one military vehicle production product and the price tag is almost 5-10 times higher than for mass-produced non-military vehicles. We have no industrial robots for such ...
1 vote
2 answers

Why did WW2 torpedoes use wet-heater engines instead of piston engines?

I understand how both types of engines work, but I don't understand the pros and cons of using one vs the other. Why are wet heater engines so suitable for torpedoes, but seemingly no other ...