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Questions tagged [metalwork]

Questions related to shaping and reshaping of metals or metallic items by processes like shearing, bending, piercing and other metal forming or cutting operations.

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Springback in carbon/HSLA steel - cold forming

What are the measurements denoted on top of the YS-t steel lines? Material thickness or bend radius? ...
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Running utilities into bomb shelter / bunker

In peace and disaster time, bomb shelters are utilised for living spaces. Hence, what are some considerations for drilling through the reinforced walls to run utilities such as water, petrol, ...
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Confusion in deriving von Karman equation for strip rolling

In the derivation for von Karman equation for metal strip rolling, an infinitesimal element is chosen as shown in the picture above. The equilibrium equation for the element is as follows: Upon ...
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Fabricating a Strong Hub Shell for a Bicycle

I'd asked this question over at SE Bicycles but they think this is more an engineering question. The flange on my hub broke and I'm having to get one fabricated. The part is actually a cage that ...
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How to go from a metal sheet to a metal box using (set of) dies only?

As a hobbyist, how to go from a metal sheet to a metal box (1 hollow side) by using (set of) dies only? All videos I watched involved : bending 1 side at 90° then A) cut twice and discard a square ...
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Method to secure these two parts, with constraints

How should I complete this task? 2 aluminium discs, around 55mm diam x 20mm high. The top disc must; be able to rotate 360deg w.r.t the bottom disc once in desired rotational position, be secured to ...
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Bend a metal strip to a different axis

How can I bend a metal strip (3 inches x 3 feet x 1/32th) in a different axis? I know it would need a few compound bends, but can't figure out the math. Preferably straight vends instead of just ...
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Cutting method, where shaving stays attached from one side

Usually shaving goes out in front of the tool, being connected only along the cutting tool width. Im interested in another case, when shaving is moved to one side and it stays connected to the ...
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