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Questions related to shaping and reshaping of metals or metallic items by processes like shearing, bending, piercing and other metal forming or cutting operations.

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How to go from a metal sheet to a metal box using (set of) dies only?

As a hobbyist, how to go from a metal sheet to a metal box (1 hollow side) by using (set of) dies only? All videos I watched involved : bending 1 side at 90° then A) cut twice and discard a square ...
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Making a basic sprung mechanism that can withstand moderate percussive force

I'm making a game where you have to hit targets, kind of like whack-a-mole except the targets aren't actively actuated. I'd still like an element of mechanical "feel" to it, so I'm aiming to ...
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Method to secure these two parts, with constraints

How should I complete this task? 2 aluminium discs, around 55mm diam x 20mm high. The top disc must; be able to rotate 360deg w.r.t the bottom disc once in desired rotational position, be secured to ...
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What would this fairly bulky machined piece be doing in a missile?

Ria Novosti allegedly posted an image of this fairly bulky 10x10x4 cm (or so) machined piece with a hole in the middle, reportedly part of a Storm Shadow missile that hit Luhansk. I'm wondering ...
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What is the strongest sheet metal screw for 1/16 inch aluminum sheet?

My objective is to join 1"x1" aluminum tubes (80/20 Quick Frame: with external plates. Trying M5 screws, I discovered that tapping 0.06" aluminum sheet ...
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Bend a metal strip to a different axis

How can I bend a metal strip (3 inches x 3 feet x 1/32th) in a different axis? I know it would need a few compound bends, but can't figure out the math. Preferably straight vends instead of just ...
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What is the definition of depth of cut in machining?

Calculate the machining time required to reduce the shaft diameter by 6 mm if the maximum depth of cut is 2 mm, and also the parting off (cut off) time for the shaft, knowing that: the shaft diameter =...
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Cutting method, where shaving stays attached from one side

Usually shaving goes out in front of the tool, being connected only along the cutting tool width. Im interested in another case, when shaving is moved to one side and it stays connected to the ...
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What material property (Young's modulus, HRC hardness, Max yield strength, etc) affects how easy it is to cut sheet metal?

Our team is looking for sheet metal that is easiest to cut (and paint over), so I was wondering if there was a specific material property (such as those listed in the title) that affected the ...
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Are rusty stains allowed to happen with hot dip galvanized steel construction?

I ordered a fence and the provider agreed to deliver it made from hot dip galvanized steel covered with powder painted finishing. The price was significantly bigger thank with the electro ...
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Metal sheet forming - material properties when switching material

What does one have to look out in material properties when changing material grade in cold sheet forming operation (example: from DC04 to DC03 or to DC01). Operation is mostly made of 90°bends and ...
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Springback in carbon/HSLA steel - cold forming

What are the measurements denoted on top of the YS-t steel lines? Material thickness or bend radius? ...
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Why do blacksmiths use these 2 tools which seem to do the same thing

In this video and in many others I've seen, smiths use 2 different "hammers" to forge metal together. One seems to hit it repetitively with less force (0:30 in the video) while the other &...
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What is this "clamp" place on a piece of bar stock while turning it in a lathe for?

I am watching a Youtube video depicting someone machining a crankshaft for a miniture rotary engine. Around the 4:27 mark after preparing some bar stock the person in the video places some sort of ...
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How can I build propane torch burners that have a custom configuration?

For doing hard soldering I would like to have a propane burner with a custom configuration. The reason for this is that when soldering there is a region that ideally should be heated slowly, ...
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